What would Natalia Téllez change about each of her companions from “Divine Netas”

The program “divine nets” is made up of an amalgamation of personalities and tastes thanks to the presence of the hosts Daniela Magún, Consuelo Duval, Galilea Montijo, Natalia Tellez and Paola Rojas.

During each program, the presenters of the show talk about various types of topics and even perform some entertaining dynamics, like the one that took place in the last edition, when Natalia Téllez talked about what she would change about her companions and what she is satisfied with.

On this occasion, we are going to recap what she would change about each one of them, bringing a big surprise, because in this way she lets us know a little more about herself and what she does not like about the people around her.

Natalia Téllez is part of the program “Netas divinas” (Photo: Galilea Montijo/Instagram)


This was what the 36-year-old actress said about her other companions:

From Consuelo Duval: “I would like you to change your dissociation with sex, to give yourself the opportunity to stop fighting with sex in that way because the body takes it from you. I never want you to change your heart, your laugh. I’ve never met anyone who is more, in a good way, like an adult child, very free, very spontaneous.”

From Daniela Magún: “Of all of us here, perhaps Daniela is the one who has changed the most for the better. She was broken, she was reunited, she was transformed. From you she would not change that capacity for change and she would change everything that you have been changing this time ”.

From Galilee Montijo: “I would change that I want you to tell me everything about yourself, in detail, I want to know everything, I see that you have things similar to me, I feel that you have pain and things that I would like to know with love and affection, not to mess around . I feel like there’s a lot of you very endearing that I’d like to see more of. I would never change about you because I think you have a lot of fun with life, that seems great to me, and when that space opens up you have fun with you”.

From Paola Rojas: “I would like you to change that you judge yourself very harshly, I would like that as soon as possible. And she would never change… everyone talks about Paola’s mind, but they don’t know how funny she is, that she is such an affectionate person, so warm, she is a queen”.


At the end of the dynamic, Téllez was encouraged to mention what she would change about herself and the answer was more than striking, surprising many, as she revealed that she accepts herself as she is, so she would not want to change anything at all.

“I wouldn’t change anything, I feel like he judged me a lot and not so much anymore”he assured.



  • Name: Natalia Tellez Martinez
  • Place of birth: Mexico City (Mexico)
  • Date of Birth: December 16, 1985
  • Age: 36 years
  • Nationality: mexican
  • Occupation: actress and television host
  • Current program: Divine Nets (Unicable)
  • Education: Artistic Education Center (Televisa)
  • Sons: 1 (Emilia, 2021)
  • Partner: Antonio Zabala

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