What will happen to HBO Max

As if platforms were missing streaming and it was no longer enough to have to constantly google before being able to watch a series or movie to know what catalog it is in, it has been confirmed that we will have to start learning the name of a new one. It is that, as it had been speculating a few days ago on social networks, hbo max will cease to exist because of the merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery. It is worth noting that just over a month ago, hbo max was celebrating its first year of life in Latin America.

The person in charge of clarifying the situation regarding hbo max was the CEO and president of global streaming for the new company Warner Bros Discovery, JB Perrette. The executive explained that the idea is for next year to merge HBO Max with Discovery+service streaming that Discovery created but which, for now, is not possible to access in the Latin region. In this context, it should be noted that, for the time being, the name of the new platform for streaming.

Considering that the change of HBO Go went to hbo maxit would be strange if the new streaming platform does not keep the title of HBO in its name, especially based on the prestige of its contents. Currently, the branding departments of Warner Bros Discovery They are conducting studies to determine what to do with the baptism of the new video on demand service. “Putting all the content together was the only way we saw to make this a viable business. The Union of HBOMax and Discovery+ aims to reduce churn so there is something for every household”explained the executive.

The prices that the new platform will have have not yet been announced. streaming or how it will operate for those who have already contracted the service of hbo max nowadays. It is known that the idea is for it to start operating from 2023. It would first arrive in the United States, in the summer of the northern hemisphere, and then gradually expand to the rest of the markets: Latin America between August and October 2023, Europe early 2024, and Asia and the Pacific in mid-2024.

+Warner Bros. Discovery plans: Free streaming?

One of the great challenges for the new platform that arises from the merger between HBOMax and Discovery+ will go through customer retention. In a context in which Netflixservice streaming most important in the world, does not stop having losses, it will be key to think about the strategy to capture audiences. perrette revealed that the plan is that in 2025 the platform they believe will have 130 million subscribers worldwide and generate 1,000 million dollars in profits. One of the alternatives that they evaluate is to offer a free plan that is supported by advertising, as it does peacock.

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