What will happen in “Bitter Earth” in Thursday’s chapter: the truth about Züleyha and Fikret’s reaction, Abdülkadir’s plan and more

In the fourth season of “Tierra amarga”, Züleyha has had to face your most powerful enemies. Proof of this is that Demir’s ex-wife is in the hospital seriously injured by a gunshot which he received from Vahap, the brother of Abdülkadir, who he is obsessed with taking revenge on the Yaman family and that he does not forgive that Hakan has fallen in love with the young protagonist.

In the previous chapter of “Bitter Earth”While Züleyha continues to fight for her life, her enemy Abdülkadir will seek to solve the problems caused by Vahap. The first thing he does is send his brother away from the city. Later, the man manages to find someone who can blame himself for what has happened to the protagonist: Mammothwho had pending accounts with her.

On the other hand, Fikret, who had already decided to leave town, finds out about the attack on Züleyha. While everyone in the hospital is concerned and anguished about the young woman’s condition, Fekeli’s nephew arrives very nervous and immediately blames Mehmet for what has happened to the woman he still loves. What will happen in the next chapter of “Bitter Earth”? Details below.

Abdülkadir will seek to solve the problems caused by Vahap in “Bitter Earth” (Photo: Tims & B Productions)


Will Mamut turn himself in to the authorities?

Abdülkadir has found the perfect man to blame himself for what his brother did: Mamut, who in addition to owing him money has pending accounts with Züleyha. After finding out her hatred towards the young woman, and her weak point, her debts, he blackmails him into killing him if he doesn’t do what she asks. Will the man accept? Will he turn himself in as Züleyha’s attacker?

Fikret discovers the engagement between Züleyha and Mehmet

Fikret is still in love with Züleyha, therefore, everything that has to do with her is going to make him feel bad. That’s why he intends to leave Çukurova, wants to get away from her. However, when she discovers that the young woman is in the hospital, she drops everything and goes looking for her. Without imagining that she will find herself there with a truth that she will not bear.

After their confrontation, Mehmet announces his engagement to Züleyha to Fikret and Lütfiye. Something that Fikret, who has always been very jealous of the young man, will not be able to believe. How is it possible that Züleyha is marrying Mehmet? The young man is shocked to hear the news. He does not imagine the woman he loves with his greatest enemy.

Fikret discovers the engagement between Züleyha and Mehmet in "Bitter Land" (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

Fikret discovers the engagement between Züleyha and Mehmet in “Bitter Earth” (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

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