What we all did to the Good Lord: The release date pushed back by several months

What have we done to the good god again?

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Credit: UGC

What we all did to the Good Lord won’t come out as planned. The return to theaters was short lived! Following an upsurge in the coronavirus, the release of Philippe de Chauveron’s film, What have we all done to the Good Lord, scheduled for February 2, has been postponed by two months.

It’s been a real waltz in terms of cinema releases lately. While we are happy to be able to return to dark theaters and large screens, moviegoers still have to be patient. Initially scheduled for February 2, What have we all done to the good Lord, the family comedy, hits the big screen in the spring. We will therefore have to be patient to discover the rest of the multicultural adventures of the Verneuil family! Indeed, the new date announced by UGC is April 6, 2022. Christian Clavier and Chantal Lauby are still present for Mass, as are Ary Abittan, Medi Sadoun, Frédéric Chau, Noom Diawara, Frédérique Bel, Emilie Caen, Elodie Fontan and Pascal Nzonzi. However, the beautiful Julia Piaton has been replaced by Alice David for this third installment.

Ari Abittan is part of the cast of Philippe de Chauveron’s film

The comedy which stars Chantal Lauby, has chosen its title devilishly. Already tainted by the Ari Abittan scandal, What have we all done to the good Lord is the victim of a curse. Indeed, the reputation of the actor is undermined. Heavy accusations hang over the successful comedian. The talented actor is accused of rape. In addition, the film crew has dissociated itself from Ari Abittan. The word used is not light, since we are talking about “boycott”. What to bring to a standstill the career of the actor whose career had largely taken off, in parallel with his career on stage.

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Chantal Lauby warns: we’re going to have fun!

Interviewed on RTL, The always charming and light Chantal Lauby was full of praise.“I laughed a lot. I had a lot of fun. Philippe de Chauveron manages to renew himself with this subject and he manages to take us elsewhere. We will discover all the families and we will have fun. ”The wait for the film’s release is all the more difficult, but if the laughter is there, it will only be better! there not disappointed and it will surely be the same for What have we all done to the good Lord. The director proves once again that we can and should laugh at everything. And laughter, it will take more to face the new year!

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