What was Taehyung’s first song? His facet as a composer

In each album, the members of BTS show us that in addition to being talented singers and dancers, they also compose and produce. Let’s remember the first song that V composed for the band and his first solo performance.

At the moment, bts is preparing to return with more music and a new album that will take us on a journey through his successful career in K-Pop. We know that the members participated in many of the songs already released and also in the new melodies, but do you remember how the creative participation of these began? idols on your records?

There are members like Suga Y MR who started writing melodies long before joining BTS, but each of the members entered this facet of music in their own way and under different circumstances.

Today we tell you when it was that v began to show off his songwriting skills alongside his fellow students. Bangtan Sonyeondan and we will also remember his first solo projects.

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V’s songs for BTS, the idol’s first composition on a group album

The first song Taehyung wrote for BTS was Outro: Circle Room Cypher.. This song was part of 2 Cool 4 Skool, the debut album of the BigHit band that would take them to the stage for the first time. V appears in the writing credits alongside RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, and Pdogg.

However, since the idol was just beginning to get involved little by little in this activity, many consider that V’s first composition is Hold Me Tight by The Most Beautiful Momentbecause in said track his participation had much more weight.

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V’s first solo on a BTS album, when was it released?

As you know, the members of BTS have also included some solo songs in their albums, that has been going on for years and ARMY loves being able to listen to them both together and individually.

Taehyung’s first solo on a BTS album was Stigma, track that is part of the album WINGS. In this case V was the composer along with Philtre, Slow Rabbit and ‘Hitman’ Bang.

In addition, we recently told you that BTS was part of the La Rosa de Guadalupe program, the ARMY memes came right away.

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