What was Gong Yoo’s first movie? This is how he made his film debut

Gong Yoo is one of the most beloved actors in South Korea, not only has he worked on television and the big screen has also been a great witness of his talents, what was the first movie in which he participated?

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There are many dramas in which we have been able to appreciate all the talents of Gong Yoo like actor, ‘Hello My Teacher’, ‘Dating Agency: Cyrano’ and ‘Goblin’ are examples of some productions for the TV in which he has participated.

Gong Yoo has a wide carrera, debuted since 2001 and that is why his career has accumulated endless series who have had all the skills of this south korean celebrity for the performance, this has given him fans all over the world.

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But Gong Yoo has not only lent his talents for television, it has also been possible to see him on the who and there are a lot of films that we find in your filmography and that they manage to show us more of their capabilities in front of the cameras.

What was the first movie in which Gong Yoo participated? Thus began his journey with feature films for the big screen, more characters and adventures loomed for the trajectory of this incredible actor of dramas.

What movie did Gong Yoo make his film debut with?

My Tutor Friend It was the first film in which Gong Yoo participated, it is from 2003, and he played the character of Lee Jong SooThis was a youth film in which a girl who is studying at the university becomes a tutor for another student who is the same age, but being a problem boy, she failed the same course in high school in 2 years.

Gong Yoo had a supporting role in this film, and played a high school bully; after this came many other productions for the big screen in which he was part of the cast.

Gong Yoo en My Tutor Friend | Twitter: @jedisupes

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This was Gong Yoo’s debut in the cinema, his talents were perfect for this film and he showed more of his facets as an actor in his early days.

How old was Gong Yoo when he made his film debut?

When Gong Yoo participated in his first film, he already had 25 years in Korean age, 24 years for the rest of the world; the actor was born in 1979 and made his film debut in 2003, so that was his age back then: 0, it’s been 18 years since the first feature film of the korean actor.

Gong Yoo in his first movie | Twitter: @capri_kdrama

Did you already see this Gong Yoo’s first movie? Fans think that although he was not the protagonist of the story, his character was truly memorable.

Do you want to know more about Gong Yoo? Find out what his ideal type is, perhaps you could win the heart of this attractive actor.

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