What was going on in the blind spot? Henrik Stoltenberg explains

How far did Henrik Stoltenberg and Anastasia Mennemeier in the blind spot? Temptation Island VIP has meanwhile run for the ex-Love Island participant. He broke off the foreign flirt show after seeing his girlfriend Paulina Ljubas (25) smooching a seducer. But also Henrik previously disappeared with temptress Anastasia in an unobserved corner where he said to her, “Well, you’re doing it,” which could imply an intimate act. But nothing of the sort had happened, assured me Henrik now!

“I promise you this is one hundred percent honest,” began Henrik his statement on Instagram. Although he asserted that he was very drunk that evening and hadn’t noticed much, he made it clear that he and Anastasia didn’t get too close in the blind spot. “There were two flower pots and she walked elegantly over them. That’s why I said, ‘You’re doing that well'” “the blond explained his choice of words.

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Previously gave Henriks Ex Sandra Janina (22), however, praised the Bonschlonzo inventor and Anastasia only ended their supposed lovemaking because someone from production interrupted them. “When he came back from production, we were three feet apart. We had nothing to do with each other. It looks harder on TV than it is”, assured Henrik.

“Temptation Island VIP” on November 11th RTL +

Collage: Henrik Stoltenberg and Anastasia Mennemeier at “Temptation Island VIP”
Henrik Stoltenberg and Anastasia Mennemeier at “Temptation Island VIP”
Henrik Stoltenberg, TV notoriety

Instagram / henrik_stoltenberg

Henrik Stoltenberg, TV notoriety

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