What Toni Costa did with his first salary from “The House of Celebrities 2”

The inclusion of Toni Costa in “the house of celebrities 2″ was one of the biggest surprises of the Telemundo reality showbecause over the weeks it has become one of the favorites for win the grand prize.

And it is that the participation of the Evelyn Beltran’s boyfriend has not gone unnoticed, as it has known how to stand out thanks to its role as father of little Alaïa and revealing details of his current relationship and the one he held for almost a decade with Adamari Lopez.

And, a few days before the reality show comes to an end, the mother of the Spanish dancer assured that, regardless of the result, her son is a winner.

Toni Costa was among the finalists of Telemundo’s “The House of Celebrities 2” (Telemundo Realities / Instagram)


In a conversation with “On another level”, by Freddy Ramírez, Doña Carmen, the mother of the Spaniard revealed that she was proud of her son.

Toni is what you have seen: he is very affectionate, very polite, a great friend of his friends, he is a person who cares a lot about his family, about his friends”, commented the woman from her country.

It’s rare these days to see a child of that age with that candor, with that good vibe he has, he doesn’t see anything wrong, everything seems fine to him, always if I say something to him, he immediately placates me ‘mom, please’, always speaking well, this boy there is no way he can speak ill of anyone, he is a truly special being”, she added proudly.

Toni Costa’s mother was proud of her son in “The House of Celebrities 2” (Photo: María la portuguesa / Instagram)

Toni Costa’s first salary in “The House of Celebrities”

In the company of her daughter Lorena, the woman revealed one of the most curious details of her son: what he did with his first salary on the program, which all the contestants receive while they are active in the reality show.

When he left (to participate in the program) he called me and told me: ‘Mom, the first salary…‘” and stopped, succumbing to tears.

It was Lorena who finished revealing the story: “When he left, he left in charge that the first salary he received from the program would be for my mother’s dentist to fix her teeth and that’s how it was “.

In fact, he has started with the treatment. That was her first salary, to help her and take care of her”, he commented.



In a recent edition of “Today”, Adamari López pointed out that Toni Costa and Daniella Navarro They kissed before the Venezuelan started a relationship with Nacho Casano.

Given this, Evelyn Beltrán did not hesitate to respond to the alleged infidelity of the Spanish. KNOW WHAT HE SAID HERE.

Evelyn Beltrán responded for Toni Costa's alleged infidelity (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)
Evelyn Beltrán responded for Toni Costa’s alleged infidelity (Photo: Evelyn Beltrán / Instagram)


A few weeks ago, Laura Bozzo got into an argument with her colleagues from “The House of Celebrities”, among whom Toni Costa stood out, whom she called “snake charmer”.

This did not go down well with the Zumba dancer’s mother, who criticized the reaction of “The lawyer of the poor” and sent him a message. KNOW MORE HERE.

Toni Costa is one of the favorites in "The House of Celebrities" 2 (Photo: Toni Costa / Instagram)
Toni Costa is one of the favorites in “The House of Celebrities” 2 (Photo: Toni Costa / Instagram)

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