What to do if Android apps close by themselves?: solution

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Has it happened to you that you are using an app from your cell phone Android and then it closes itself? Although there may be many reasons for this to happen, the truth is that it is usually quite annoying to have to open the application again and again. Given this inconvenience, it is preferable to determine the origin of the problem and thus avoid future discomfort. In that sense, from MAG We offer you some possible solutions.

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What to do if Android apps close by themselves?

  • One of the factors that can cause the applications on your cell phone to close out of nowhere is due to an error in the Android System Webview tool, so you must stop updating it from the Settings of your mobile device.
  • You can clear the cache data of the application or applications that close themselves. In this way, you will ensure that possible errors are eliminated.
  • Another option is to shut down or restart your mobile device so that some system issues are fixed in the process.
  • If the app keeps crashing, then uninstall it and download it again from the Play Store.
  • In the Play Store, look to see if the app needs to be updated. If so, just follow the steps required by the app.

So you can format a microSD card from your Android mobile

  • Access the “Settings” of your cell phone.
  • Enter the “Storage” or “Battery and device care” section, the name may vary depending on the brand and model of your device
  • .Here click on the option called “Storage”.
  • You will see the percentage of use and the details of the “Internal storage”, move it to the right and now you will be in the “Memory card”.
  • Click on the icon of the three vertical points that are located at the top right.
  • Two options will be displayed, choose “Format”. Wait for the process to finish and turn off your smartphone.
  • Finally, remove the Micro SD, put it back and turn on the equipment (recommended).

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