What The Tigers Mafia 2 Doesn’t Show About Joe Exotic’s Brother

Mafia of the Tigers 2, available now on Netflix, has everything to repeat the great success of the original production, released in 2020. The new season introduces controversial figures from the history of Joe Exotic. One of them is Yarri Schreibvogel, the protagonist’s older brother, whom Exotic hasn’t talked to for decades. What the new episodes don’t show is the root of the family feud: a sad accusation of abuse.

In the first season of Mafia of the Tigers, Joe mentioned that his brother, Garrold, had died in a car accident in 1997 – but he said nothing about older brother Yarri and sisters Pam and Tammy.

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In Mafia of the Tigers 2, Yarri reveals his resentment for Joe: “I haven’t seen Joe face-to-face in 20 years, and I don’t want to.” He also goes so far as to shoot a rifle at a simple drawing by Joe, claiming that his brother “has harmed millions of people.”

The Digital Spy website revealed Joe Exotic’s abuse allegations against his brother and other important aspects of the family relationship; see below.

Joe Exotic and Yarri in The Tiger Mafia

In the documentary “Shooting Joe Exotic”, produced and presented by Louis Theroux in April 2021, on BBC Two, the story shared by Yarri and Joe takes on more serious contours.

In a letter sent from jail – the protagonist of The Tiger Mafia was arrested and sentenced to 22 years in prison in 2020 – Joe Exotic accuses his older brother of sexual abuse.

“I was molested by my older brother when I was about 5 years old, in the bathroom on our family’s farm. That moment remains imprinted in my mind to this day,” says Joe.

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Yarri, on the other hand, completely denies the allegations, and claims that Joe created this story out of another family feud. According to the brother of the protagonist of The Tiger Mafia, it all started when Joe stopped him from visiting Garrold in the hospital after his car accident.

“He prevented me from seeing Garrold before he died, as he was with two mediums who said I had ‘negative vibes,’” comments Yarri.

In the Netflix documentary, Yarri does not spare criticism of his brother, and reveals what he believes to be Joe Exotic’s main flaw.

“Joe is driven by greed. Greed is what it is, no matter what it is,” says Yarri.

Wendy, Yarri’s wife, also reveals that there was a major disagreement when Garrold’s parents received $250,000 in insurance payments after their son’s death.

“Joe used Garrold’s death to do what he always wanted. He said the best way to honor his memory would be to build an exotic animal park with the money. Yarri wanted to build a soccer field for children, as Garrold was a coach,” commented Wendy.

The parents decided to give the money to Joe, which ended up creating a major family rift and driving Yarri and Joe away forever.

Tiger Mafia 2 is now available on Netflix; see the trailer below.

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