What Laura Londoño said about working with William Levy again

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Laura Londono is one of the most internationally recognized Colombian actresses thanks to her role as the “Seagull” in “Woman-fragranced coffee”, soap opera where he worked with William Levy. Although the interpreters showed that they had a good chemistry on screen, the truth is that there are rumors that indicate that the 34-year-old artist He had a difficult relationship with the Cuban during the recordings of this production.

“Woman-fragranced coffee” It has become one of the most watched soap operas on Netflix internationally, which is why the media around the world have focused on the figures of the cast, especially Levy and Londoño, who would have had several disagreements during the time that they worked together.

To resolve all questions and doubts about these rumours, Laura Londono spoke with People magazine about the alleged bad relationship with William Levy. The actress from Antioquia explained that her differences with the Cuban artist were based on the fact that both have very different methods of working. What else did she say? Here all the details.

Laura Londoño and William Levy played ‘La gaviota’ and Sebastián, respectively, in the telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer” (Photo: Telemundo)


In an interview with People magazine, Laura Londoño confirmed that she would work with William Levy again without any problem, since the conflicts of the past were overcome.

The actress from Antioquia also pointed out that she learned a lot at a professional level from the Cuban artist, who was her co-star in the telenovela “Café con aroma de mujer”.

“I greatly appreciated working alongside him since I learned millions of things. You don’t necessarily have to become close friends with all the people you work with, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you hate them, you detest them. Let’s not go to extremes. Everything was perfect,” said Londoño.

Why did the problems arise between Laura Londoño and William Levy?

Laura Londoño explained that her differences with William Levy arose because they both have very different methods of working and that they collided when creating a scene.

“William told me: ‘I look for him outside the scene. If the scene is uncomfortable I try to generate this discomfort from the outside’. Because he passed us. There were moments when I said, but why is this man like this with me? What happens? It’s weird ‘(…) ”, he explained.

“Afterwards we would do the scene and I would tell him: ‘What’s going on?’ He tells me: ‘You saw that the scene was awkward, well I generated that before so that it came to the scene’. All those kinds of things are different ways of doing it. And I told him: ‘But come here, tell me you’re going to do that, don’t put me in this situation, I feel uncomfortable.’ She told me: ‘Precisely, if I tell you I’m not going to achieve the effect I’m looking for, so I can’t tell you’ ”, added the 34-year-old actress.

Laura Londoño affirmed that her experience with the Cuban actor was something “curious and different, but that’s it, it’s like getting to know each other, connecting, understanding the forms and one says: ‘This is it, that’s it, this is the game, let’s play this,’” he concluded.

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