What is Wendy Sulca’s life?: from viral phenomenon on YouTube to pop singer and LGBT+ activist

At age 10, Wendy Sulca became one of the most viral characters on Youtube. In 2005, with the help of her mother, the girl from Peru uploaded the songs to the platform “La tetita” and “Beer, beer” and three years later the explosion of popularity occurred. The videos of both subjects became a trend and the memes soon spread. Overnight Wendy It was a star throughout Latin America and in the United States with 10 million views.

Since she was little, Sulca had a passion for music, and her parents, Franklin Sulca and Lidia Quispe, promoted his artistic development. After becoming an internet phenomenon, in 2010 he collaborated with the Ecuadorian Quishpe Dolphin and the Tigress of the East with the songIn your lands I will dance. In November of that year, he participated in the video of “Pa’tras” dand Dante Spinetta with Andres Calamaro and Rene Perezand worked with Fito Paez in the song “time pass” of Dani Umpi.

Wendy Sulca became known for the viral videos of
“La tetita” and “Beer, beer” .

Adolescence was the turning point for the young woman, as she had to deal with racism, machismo and xenophobia. In 2011, he released covers in English of popular songs such as “Like a virgin” of madonna Y “Wrecking Ball” of Miley Cyrus. His aesthetic began to change, since he consulted with producers who had worked with Lali Espósito, with whom he contacted from his fanaticism for “Almost angels”.

Wendy took the opportunity to train and grow in the industry, and At the age of 18, he decided that he wanted to venture into other genres, such as pop and reggaeton.. In September 2019, she signed a contract with the Sony Music label for the preparation of her new album and premiered “Beer, beer 2.0″, in collaboration with Miss Bolivia.

Wendy Sulca today.

In 2022 finally released his first solo album “Evolution” in which she sought to leave behind the girl that everyone knew and present herself as an adult artist at 26 years old. “Mine is fusion (…) My style of dress, my character, has the mission of taking Peruvian culture everywhere. I wear a crown. In Mexico I was nicknamed The Inca Princess. I liked it, I appropriated that title”, declared.

Wendy is very active on social networks (she is a youtuber), where speaks out on social issues such as gender violence, racism, global warming, feminism, and LGBT+ rights.

“There is still discrimination, bullying, racism. It is unfortunate. That is why, from my side, I contribute my grain of sand, so that this can change through young people who do not feel ashamed of their roots and accept the diversity of cultures that there is in Latin America. It’s something very special that we have,” indicated in one of his most recent interviews.

Wendy Sulca posing with her banner in Times Square.

Recently, the Peruvian artist appeared in a digital ad for Time Square in New York and shared his pride: “Today it is so important to support female empowerment in the music industry that is growing day by day and that makes me very happy.” Furthermore, as a product of his years of effort, Sulca recently bought a 3-story house in a residential neighborhood of Lima, Y received recognition in the San Juan de Miraflores district, where he grew up.

Wendy Sulca received recognition in the neighborhood of all her life in Peru.

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