What is VoiceOver and how to activate it on the iPhone?

VoiceOver is an accessibility feature in the iphone that gives visually impaired users the ability to use their mobile device more efficiently and comfortably. To do this, the app has a screen reader that provides a verbal description of everything that appears in it.

In that sense, users can listen to what appears on the screen and use specific gestures to interact with their iPhone. Among the most outstanding functions is making calls, sending text messages, browsing the web, using applications and more.

It should be noted that the VoiceOver function is a very useful tool, but it can be a bit difficult to use at first, so it requires a lot of practice. Therefore, in MAG We explain how to activate this option and what are the main gestures to use.

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How to use VoiceOver on iPhone

If you want to use the VoiceOver feature on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Then, select “General”, followed by “Accessibility”.
  • Choose “VoiceOver” and toggle the switch to the “On” position.
  • Right away, you’ll see a pop-up telling you about the gestures you can use with VoiceOver.
  • Among the options, you can tap “Continue” to move on.
  • After the welcome message, tap on “Get Started”.
  • The app will explain that, to select an item, you will have to tap on it and if you want to read something, tap on it twice.
  • If you want to navigate between the elements on the screen, slide up or down with three fingers.
  • If you want to select an item, double-tap with one finger.
  • Finally, you will know the basics to use this app without problems.

It should be noted that the iPhone website offers some additional recommendations for practicing with the VoiceOver tool, which you can find at the bottom of the screen. Here we share the link: .

These are the news of beta 3 of iOS 16.4 for iPhone

With the arrival of the new iOS 16.4 beta, Apple has reported that this update will bring improvements to some already established features such as 5G connectivity or push notifications for Safari web applications.

It also details changes to the features of the Car Key app, a key that lets you use iPhone more intelligently while driving a car. Furthermore, users will now be able to authenticate a separate Apple ID just to enable beta access for different versions of iOS.

This means that people who have more than one Apple ID (personal and developer) will not have to buy two licenses to test the updates on all their company devices.

So you can activate the one-handed mode on the iPhone

One-handed mode is a useful feature on iPhones with large screens, as it makes it easier and more comfortable to use the device with one limb. If you want to activate this function on your device, follow the steps below:

  • First, open the “Settings” app on your iPhone.
  • Then scroll down and select the “Accessibility” option.
  • Select “Touch” in the “Physical and Motor” section.
  • Now, head down and tap on the “One-Handed Mode” option.
  • On the one-handed mode screen, choose between “Left” or “Right”.
  • Subsequently, the screen will shrink and display in the lower left or right corner of the screen, depending on the option you have chosen.
  • You can exit one-handed mode at any time by touching the gray bar at the bottom of the screen and sliding it down.

Once these instructions have been completed, you will be able to activate and deactivate the one-handed mode on your iPhone as many times as you require.

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