What is the life of Tommy Real?

Erika Marie Zarate

Most Panamanians can’t help but chant the reggae “Let me a lost” when they hear it play, and that’s why we inform you about ¿What about __ life Royal Tommy? the singer of many musical successes, which are still hits with no expiration date.

Royal Tommy: His Beginnings

Marceliano Quintero Jaramillo, the Panamanian reguesero better known as “Tommy Real”, was born on February 9, 1977. From an early age he ventured into the world of music, since as a child he sang in quartets and choirs for the church; At the age of 15 he entered the world of reggae, and it was in 1997 that he recorded his first single.

In 2003 he was summoned by one of the best reggae producers in Panama, Mr. Ramon “Pucho” Bustamante, who encouraged him to start his artistic career internationally, traveling to the United States in promotion. For the year 2005 the talented artist Tommy, recorded his third production Pa ‘la Raza, where there are songs like Déjame Una Loss, Esta Noche, La Playa and among others.


The what?  Is it from the life of Tommy Real?  is answered by himself as "a life and career of hard work, effort and sacrifice".

The what is the life of Tommy Real? is answered by itself as “a life and career of hard work, effort and sacrifice”.

Royal Tommy: Currently

Currently Tommy Real is still active in the music industry, we could not stay with the desire to contact him and ask him about his musical life recently, to which he replied: “Currently I am doing a 7-song Ep, with trios and musical duos accompanied by artists from the patio, such as Aspirante; the song was already released in (La Session) and is titled “Don’t fall in love”. He told us that he hasn’t stopped making music since another song is coming up with Original Fat and Almirante; he has in mind to do an acoustic with Dubosky and Kenny Man, to which he also mentions that he does not rule out the idea of ​​recording with Kafu Banton and Martín Machore.

The talented Tommy Real expressed that one of the best experiences he has had as an urban artist has been “Being able to travel to Costa Rica with my second song recorded on the “Cd Overload” by Carlos Correa (Gummy), the single was titled “No more dementia is enough”. He also highlighted that the tour in the United States was very successful with other Panamanian artists such as Dj Black, Mr Saik, Toby King, Latin Fresh and Virux.

We were able to question him about what his favorite topics were, to which he answered us “My favorite singles are: Leave me a lost, Ungrateful and Another like me.” We strongly believe that Panamanian citizens agree with the singer, since these songs are hits that never stop being heard.


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