What is the life of Stephany ‘La Chama’ Vasquez

Ana Canto

surely you remember the chamaformer competitor Calle 7 Stephany Vasquezwho delighted many fans in all the seasons in which she participated, and in her time as a presenter in different sections within this Telemetro program. In this interview we present you what is of Stephany’s life and we invite you to find out what he is currently doing and to discover some personal improvement data that perhaps you did not know.


Changes in your life after your arrival in Panama

The chama share us how difficult it was at first to move to another country and start from scratch. He tells that, despite having the support of his family from a distance, the abrupt and strong change of arriving at a new beginning alone, it is very sad.

Stephany has been living in Panama for more than 7 years and tells us that she came to live with one of her aunts, however, when her family member left the country, she was left alone.

‘Getting used to the cultural aspect was something new; Later I adapted and this is where I want to live’.

And how did he come to the world of fitness?

Your interest in exercises started when he moved to Panamawhen after working on a few occasions as a model, she decided to carry out different physical activities, with which she managed to improve her diet and favorable changes in her body.

‘I always liked running and outdoor activities, like climbing mountains, but never physical exercises.’

Currently, he is dedicated to teaching people who want to improve their lifestyle, as a certified professional training coach with physical activities. Process that is not easy to change, and she accompanies them along the way.

The chama He mentions that in his homeland studied sports nutrition, what has helped him in his training and in the way of eating, as well as in the nutritional orientation towards the people with whom he works. However, he always recommends to his clients attention with specialists in feeding methods.



Calle 7 and his experience

His participation consisted of 9 seasons in the Calle 7 program, and was characterized by his skills in the teams in which he was a participant and the recognition of the public. Many fans of her still remember her and on social networks she continues to have the same support.

‘After my injury within one of the seasons, I dedicated myself to working on the program in a new segment called ‘What a moment’. Working in front of cameras allowed me to improve in terms of body language and expressions.’


Stephany Vasquez, as part of her gratitude to Panama for all the opportunities it has given her, performs volunteer acts that she enjoys very much.

Personal life

If you wonder about the personal life of the chamawe tell you that she currently been in a relationship for 2 yearsplus, part of his family is the daughter of his partner, with whom he has developed a beautiful relationship.

‘With a child you learn a lot every day. Is incredible. It’s a job and a big responsibility.’

Stephany recognizes the process of having a family and ensuring everyone’s happiness and comfort.



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