What is the life of Jenny Williams, the actress of "Almost angels" Y "graduates"

JenniferWilliams, better known by her stage name as Jenny Williamsis an Argentine actress who He rose to fame for his participation in youth strips, such as “Almost Angels”, “Attraction” x 4 and “Graduates”. Does six years the young woman packed her bags and left behind her artistic career in Argentinato settle in Tulum, Mexico and devote himself to music and content creation as an influencer.

Jenny was the sixth child in a family of nine siblings. At the age of 17 he began to develop as a model for the Multitalent agency until it was time to put into practice what they had learned in acrobatics, dance and music courses. In 2004 he debuted in “Floricenta” and in 2007 he gave life to Barbara in popular fiction Chris Brown, with Nicolas Vazquez and Emilia Attias.

In 2009, Williams worked on the series starring Luisana Lopilato and Rodrigo Guirao Díaz, “Attraction x4” in which she played the main villain, Paula Lacalle.

Jenny Williams with Luisana Lopilato and Camila Bordonaba in “Attraction x 4”.

Roles inBotineras” and “Malparida”until in 2012 he participated in “graduates What Sofia Contethe character’s partner Gaston Sofritti. This is how the actress became better known among teenagers, although she later faced more projects in prime time fiction, such as “You are my man” in El Trece, where his character had a relationship with that of Victorio D’Alessandro.

Jenny Williams with Gastón Sofritti in “Graduates”.

As for her personal life, the artist married in 2014 with the photographer of Gente magazine, Christian Belliera, although after two years of marriage they divorced. From there it was when He decided to leave the country to settle in the paradisiacal beaches of Tulum, where he still lives. “I am very happy with the radical change I made by coming to live in paradise”, commented on it in an interview.

In May 2021, the 35-year-old give him “Yes” with her new boyfriend, Ignacio Azuaga, dedicated to marketing and communication in an agency. The civil ceremony of the couple was celebrated in Buenos Aires, and this year the official celebration was in front of the sea in Mexico, with a relaxed “boho” style.

Jenny Williams married in Mexico, where she has lived for six years.

Recently, the actress returned to Argentina to undergo surgery for a problem with her feet.Mine is a congenital issue. This was leading me in all these years to have a very bad mechanics of my footstep. More with the amount of sport that I always did and in the last time I intensified. I was eating all the cartilage in my foot“, explained in their stories.

Jenny then delved into the drama she was experiencing: The last few months were already very painful for me. The most basic: walking was painful, doing half an hour on the elliptical or cycling, something that would be normal for me, was a burning sensation in my feet. Later I understood that it was because all this was causing fasciitis.“.

Jenny Williams shared details of her recovery after complicated surgery on her feet.

In this way, the specialists in Buenos Aires told him that the right thing to do was to have an operation, so he opted to have the surgery on both feet at the same time.I was already coming back and I had the last consultation with the doctor where he saw all my studies and told me: ‘Look, you can go to Mexico like this… you’re having a really bad time already. You can’t even sleep from the pain. You can make some templates and see what’s up or you can stay here, have surgery and make sure that in a few months you can be having your normal life'”he remembered.

After passing through the operating room, The actress shared that at first she felt a lot of pain, but that with the passing of days the recovery became more manageable. “The idea is that when the wound is a little more closed I can put on the shoes with insoles so I can go for a walk”, clarified.

Watch Jenny Williams with Gastón Sofritti in “Graduates”!

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