What is the life of Emiliano Kaczka, the brother of Guido Kaczka: to star "Treble clef" to lawyer with anonymous life

Today Guido Kaczka He is one of the most recognized conductors of Argentine television, but what few knowis that his brother, Emiliano Kaczka, was the first in the family to rise to fame through acting.

In 1986, it was when Emiliano, 10 years old, was selected for the popular youth short film “Pelito”, thanks to an advertisement that his mother saw on Channel 13. From that interpretation, the young man continued with his career, in which he captivated the Argentine public in other successful productions such as “Clave de Sol”, “Gift from Heaven” and “High Comedy”.

From overnight, Kaczka became one of the most famous teenagers in the country, until in 2001, the economic crisis left him without a job as an actor. Faced with this difficult panorama, decided to study law, and put aside his career in the media.

I decided to study at the UBA little by little, but job instability was such that it was affecting me as a person. So when acting work was cut, I intensified the study and finished the race“, declared later.

. Emiliano Kaczka became famous for his participation in the youth strips “Pelito” and “Clave de Sol”.

His last job as an actor was in 2007, in a film about the life of Diego Maradona that never premiered,The hand of God”and in which he played Jorge Cyterszpiler, the representative of “El Diez”.

For several yearsled a silent and anonymous life, in which he worked as a local advisor at INDEC. However, in several interviewsEmiliano assured that he did not rule out returning to acting at some point. “I did not withdraw. I believe that the actor is on standby, waiting, and when he can return I will”commented.

. Emiliano Kaczka in the Diego Maradona biopic.

On the broadcast of Friday, July 22, “Show Partners”, made it known that Emiliano Kaczka finally brought a character to life again, nothing more and nothing less than in the series by María Marta García Belsunce which recently premiered on HBO.

“In the series, There is a new prosecutor in the case over the years and, in this case, it is Emiliano Kaczka. The fact that He dedicated himself to the legal profession for many years and was not known more after his work as an actor, now he returns to fiction through the front door as one of the prosecutors who is the one who finally accuses Pachelo of being the author of the death of María Marta García Belsunce”, commented Rodrigo Lussich about the return of Guido’s brother.

Emiliano Kaczka in the new series about the murder of
Maria Marta Garcia Belsunce.

As for his personal life, Emiliano is married to Ingrid, an interior decorator, with whom he had two daughters: Lara and Lucía. In addition to acting, another of the passions in which he dabbled was literature. He conducted various writing workshops and publishes his stories on his own blog, called Vicio blunt.

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