What is the life of Devon Sawa, the protagonist of "Final destination" Y "casper"

In the nineties, Devon Sawa he became one of the most famous young actors, mainly among teenage audiences. the canadian rose to world fame with his five-minute appearance on “casper” and at that time many compared it with Leonardo Dicaprio. As one of the youth performers with the most potential, he then came the protagonist of the first film of “Final destination”, horror saga that people of different generations remember until today.

Devon began her career in small stage productions in her country and studied at the Vancouver Film School. Her debut in American cinema was in 1994, in the sports comedy “Little gigants” with Rick Moranis. The life of that 16-year-old boy changed completely when in 1995 it was released “casper”, film in which he accompanied Christina Ricci In a dance, as the human version of the charismatic ghost.

Devon Sawa with
Christina Ricci in “Caspers”.

With his brief participation in the successful children’s film, Sawa He became one of the main gallants of that time. Thus, she appeared in more tapes, such asNow and Then” (1995), “Friend or enemy” (1996) or ‘Around the fire’ (1998), although then he chose to play roles that would distance him from that teen idol stereotype, and ventured into more adult productionsWhatThe devil put his hand in 1999.

Although that project had negative reviews, it soon gave him the opportunity to be the main character “Final destination”, one of the most popular horror sagas. The launch was in the year 2000, at which time Devon was at the height of his career, unaware that he would soon disappear from Hollywood.

Devon Sawa gained worldwide popularity with his leading role in “Final Destination.”

His passage through stardom was affected, when he began to be involved in substance abuse problemsand it was even arrested for driving while intoxicated twice, so he walked away from acting for a while.

In 2010, he met who is now his wife, Dawni Sahanovitchwith whom he had two children, hudson and scarlett. After starting a family, the 43-year-old actor returned to the screen in small roles, but The most prominent of recent times was in the remake series of “Chucky”, which is already confirmed for a second season on Star Plus.

Devon Sawa in “Chucky” plays two characters: Lucas Wheeler (Jake’s father) and Logan Wheeler (Junior’s father).

In the networks, Sawa keep in touch with your fans and go up different photos of his private life with his children, previews of his acting work, selfies while he trains and even images with jokes and funny memes on different topics.

Check out Devon Sawa’s performance in “Casper” and “Final Destination”!

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