What is the life of Denisse Becerra, former participant of Calle 7?

TheWhat about __ life Denisse Becerra after Calle 7 Panama (C7pa)? She focuses on being an excellent mother, finishing her studies, lots of love and daily responsibilities to fulfill. Denisse, she expressed “I became a mother of 2 beautiful princesses that I LOVE with my life. I currently work in a Public Institution, I am finishing a Master’s degree, taking advantage of the benefits of virtuality because if not, it would have been impossible for me to fulfill this goal that I had proposed for a long time, thank God I am close to completing it”.

Apparently our “two-time champion” Becerra has found the facet of being a mother pleasurable, since she shared with us that she dedicates her entire life to her daughters, loves taking them to “little school” in the mornings, and in the afternoons she takes turns with her husband to look for them; she and on weekends she dedicates her time entirely to them.


The answer to What is Denisse Becerra’s life?

Denisse Becerra: future projects

At the moment I have no future projects, I live my life to the fullest taking advantage of every opportunity that comes along the way, said Denisse, when asked about what long-term goals she had.

We couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask her if she still trained or practiced any sport and the two-time champion replied “From practicing a sport, I’m learning to play Paddle, I love it! it’s addictive and yes, I’m still training hard, I love it; It’s my therapy

Denisse Becerra: her daughters Alessa Isabelle and Gianna Michelle

Instagram has witnessed all the occurrences of Denisse’s first daughter, little Alessa Isabelle, a charismatic girl who enjoys spending time with her mother, she is Denisse’s star helper when it comes to recording content; whether it’s recipes, dances, or showing what a great sister she is.

Gianna Michelle is the second blessing of Denisse Becerra, who has been received with all the love, this is how it has been seen on the networks. Denisse mentions in one of her posts “Gianna is super cheerful, she behaves wonderfully and loves Alessa’s cuddles.”

It is well known that the two-time champion is good at everything she sets out to do, her family is a living example of that. Athlete, graduate, wife, influencer and mother that is what is in the life of, Denisse Becerra.

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