What is the character that Mark Hamill plays in The Sandma


the star of starwars was chosen to be part of this new and ambitious Netflix fiction that arrived today on the platform of streaming.

Mark Hamill did voices as the Joker in Batman and Skeletor in Masters of the universe.
© GettyMark Hamill did voices as the Joker in Batman and Skeletor in Masters of the universe.

For years, fans of Neil Gaman Y The Sandman they dreamed (ha!) with the possibility of seeing Morpheus and all the comic characters have their adaptation in a series or movie. After a long wait, this Friday came to the catalog of Netflix the first season of the live-action intended to tell the stories of this fantasy world that appeared in the late 1980s and had a print run that lasted until 1996.

The Sandman tells the story of Morpheusalso know as Sleep and the protagonist of a legend told to children, which says that Sandman will make them have sweet dreams. The story begins with Roderick Burgess and an entourage of followers who plan to catch death to revive one of the sons of Roderick. However, something goes wrong in the spell and the one who is trapped is Morpheuswhich is locked up for a century.

That’s the starting point for the version of The Sandman who arrived this friday Netflix and that it will have a first season of 10 episodes that are all available to watch starting today. It has not yet been confirmed if there will be a new installment, although it is clear that the ending remains open and leaves some unfinished questions for the Red N take the trouble to greenlight another season of this show.

One of the strongest points of The Sandman It has to do with the selection of the cast. Tom Sturridge was chosen to star in this fantasy series, in a cast that includes various talents such as Gwendoline Christie (Game of Thrones), Dance Shawls (games of thrones, Alien 3), David Thewlis (Harry Potter) Y Patton Oswalt (Happy!), to mention some of the familiar faces. But when it comes to stars, it is impossible not to talk about Mark Hamillhired to bring to life Merv Pumpkinhead. This had been revealed in Geek Week of Netflix.

+Who is Merv Pumpkinhead

The most faithful readers of The Sandman They must be very clear about who they are talking about when mentioning Merv Pumpkinhead, this character who has many similarities to a scarecrow. But as in the first season of the series Netflix it was not seen as much, those who are not steeped in the history of Neil Gaman they may have some doubts. Merv Pumpkinhead is a kind of janitor who works in the World of dreams and first appeared in the fifth volume of the comic. Recognized for his ability as a prankster, the character played by Mark Hamill is in charge of the construction, maintenance and demolition of the structures that are part of the World of dreams.

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