What is Lee Jong Suk’s agency? This is how your career is run

Lee Jong Suk is an amazing drama actor that we have enjoyed in different productions, what agency is in charge of running his career?

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The race of Lee Jong Suk inside of performance It started in 2010, before that she worked as a model and had an impact within fashion; but coming back to his life like actor, we have been able to enjoy great productions such as ‘Doctor Stranger’, ‘W’ and ‘Hymn of Death’, for instance.

The great talent of young suk is appreciated by millions of fans who are looking forward to a new project in which they are participating, whether in television or cinema of South Korea, their skills in front of the cameras never fail when they are presented before the public.

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Besides dedicating himself to acting, Lee Jong Suk also has some businessLike the cafeteria that he had where many fans came to try the delicious drinks that were prepared in the place; How have you managed to carry your carrera as an actor and businessman?

Lee Jong Suk works with his own agency And that’s how you have run your career for a while now, what talent company is it?

What agency does Lee Jong Suk work for?

The agency running Lee Jong Suk’s career is your own company, is named ‘A-MAN Project’ and the actor founded it in the year of 2018, at first he was in association with YNK Entertainment, but months later his contract ended and Jong Suk took over his own company, as well as other talents.

Besides the founder of ‘A-MAN’, the agency also has Kwon Na Ra, Yang Jung Yeon, and Seo Eun Soo in its ranks; he had previously signed with Lee Jae Gyoon and Lee Jae Gyoon.

A-MAN Project, la agencia de Lee Jong Suk | Twitter: @LeeJongSukWorld

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That’s how Lee Jongsuk He runs his own work and also takes care of the careers of other Korean actors who in the future will expand their career as the owner of the company has done.

In which agencies had Lee Jong Suk worked?

Before create your own agency, Lee Jong Suk was part of 3 different companies With whom he began to exploit all his talents and know a lot about the acting industry, the companies with which Jongsuk worked are:

  • Wellmade Yedang
  • YG Entertainment
  • YNK Entertainment
Lee Jong Suk worked with other agencies before founding his own | Twitter: @theseoulstory

Lee Jong Suk’s career has been built with several companies and today he succeeds with his own company, this is how this actor works.

Do you want to know more about Lee Jong Suk? Get to know their historical dramas with incredible characters.

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