What is known about Felipe Pettinato and his psychiatric treatment: "This is their first time working for…"

After the fire in his apartmentin which the neurologist died Melchor Rodrigo, Felipe Pettinato He will be transferred to a rehabilitation clinic.

We were in the place where Felipe Pettinato is going to be interned, in the area of ​​Tortuguitas. The truth, I think he will be the first time where you are going to start working for your recovery seriously“, it started Paul Layus in “Intruders”.

This foundation was born due to the problems that its creator has, Luis Marchionifor living his experience himself and realizing that a foundation like this was lacking, which aims mainly at the physical, psychological and psychiatric recovery of the patient“, he added.

The son of Roberto Pettinato You will be hospitalized for at least 60 days. “There was an approach of the foundation, giving a help to Felipe“Layus said and Marcela Taurus He revealed that the young man had already inquired about this establishment last year, but that he did not want to go there at that time.

Felipe Pettinato and his sister Tamara.

The patient and family must agree to hospitalize him“, revealed the panelist and indicated:”Here they put a lot of emphasis on having a healthy life, in sports, they start on that side and obviously with a psychologist, with a psychiatrist, but they are really difficult 60 days“.

Tauro added that the contact between the family and the foundation made her Analia Franchin, and revealed that approximately stay is paid 100 thousand pesos per month. In those first 60 days, patients have no contact with the outside, or outings, but after those days they can have them. However, Felipe’s case is particular since there is a legal case involved.

“They are going to move it in these days”they assured from the cycle of shows.

Felipe Pettinato will be transferred to a very prestigious rehabilitation clinic: the details

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