"What is Fern ?! No idea!": Chris Tall fetched half a million at WWM

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“What is fern ?! I have no idea!”
Chris Tall fetched half a million at WWM

By Nina Jerzy

He almost failed because of the fern. But then Chris Tall becomes the radiant winner in WWM’s celebrity special – thanks to Pocher and Autobahn knowledge. “Crazy”, says Jauch happily, first declines “Flatulence” and gives a student a present.

Chris Tall has no idea who Bernhard Grzimek is and what a fern is. But he doesn’t need it either. Even with these gaps in knowledge, the comedian was featured in the big celebrity special of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” on Thursday evening to the beaming winner. “Half a million: I’m so happy. I’ll call my mother right away. Incredible,” said the hamburger. Günther Jauch couldn’t quite understand it himself. “Wow. That was amazing. Great,” praised the host. Because Tall’s victory hadn’t just been hinted at. The comedian was the first to admit, “Me! What’s a fern ?! I don’t know!” “This is how it turns,” said Jauch happily with the winner.

Because in fact, not much would have been missing and Tall would have already failed because of the 100 euro question. The actually harmless question was: “If you storm out of the flower shop without a houseplant due to sudden flatulence, you might leave a …” A) Escape, B) Zien, C) Fern, D) Sausn. The comedian didn’t get through and then came to the wrong conclusion. “Ah, Zien,” he announced. “I beg your pardon?” Said Jauch, genuinely astonished. The nice director didn’t log in a wrong answer so early and Tall was allowed to say “No, nothing at all. Oh God, huh?” keep playing.

Flatulence Latin lesson with Jauch

Jauch proved his knowledge of Latin on the show.

(Photo: RTL)

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While he was struggling, Jauch and celebrity guest Jürgen von der Lippe delighted the audience with an exchange of words that could have come straight from “The Life of Brian”. “Flatulence sounds like a Latin present participle,” noted the moderator. “But how do you form the plural of Flatus?” Challenged him from Lippe. “Flatuus?” Assumed Jauch. That was just as correct as his assessment: “Does not help at all, however.” Tall saw himself already humiliated in the second round and in his mind’s eye the headline: “How embarrassing. And we still don’t know why he’s not fat anymore.”

The comedian revealed the key to his weight loss success (18 kilograms in five years) after colleague Guido Cantz had guided him to the correct answer (“The funny thing is that I still haven’t got it,” confessed Tall). But then he couldn’t reveal a real secret. “I just eat half of it,” said the hamburger, who currently weighs 96 kilos. He also drinks a lot of water. “How exciting,” said Jauch. “Welcome to my world,” Tall replied.

He only really got on the road to success after the 64,000 euro question. The comedian knew immediately that Thomas Tuchel and not Jürgen Klopp had led two different teams to the final of the Champions League within nine months. In the next round, Oliver Pocher proved why he was the first celebrity to win the million at Jauch. As a telephone joker he was able to call up the knowledge of who had lived in the legendary “Haus Doorn” near Utrecht until his death in 1941. Not Albert Einstein or Thomas Mann, but Kaiser Wilhelm II. “He often knows things like that by mistake,” Tall had previously correctly suspected.

Chris Tall wins at WWM

But he had to answer the 500,000 euro question without any assistance: In which city do the longest and second longest autobahns in Germany intersect? The choices were Dortmund, Hanover, Leipzig and Würzburg. “I’ve been on the highways so much, I’ll answer that question,” said Tall’s ambition. He tended towards Hanover at first, but logged in to Würzburg after about six long minutes to think about it. Since all the celebrities were playing for children in need during the RTL donation marathon that evening, Tall at least secured his gambling campaign a little: “If that’s wrong, because it’s a bit of hara-kiri, I would add 16,000 euros from myself.” Fortunately, Tall was spared this transfer thanks to the A7 and A3 motorway junction near Würzburg. The comedian finally had to pass the million-dollar question about Bernhard Grzimek. He should have known that the animal filmmaker had attended a tiger training session in the circus immediately before his death.

Von der Lippe and ex-biathlete Evi Sachsenbacher-Stehle brought in full rows of spectators for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” 64,000 euros each. In contrast to Tall, the entertainer gave up on a football question. Although he suspected that Joachim Löw had played in a team with Leroy Sané’s father for three years when he asked the 125.00 euro question, he did not log in the correct answer (Löw and Souleyman Sané were teammates with the mid-1980s FC Freiburg). Sachsenbacher-Stehle got out when asked which scientist had not applied for a patent for his most famous invention (correct answer: Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen). The double Olympic champion decided against Gil Ofarim at the telephone joker and instead called Sebastian Jacoby, a hunter from the ARD quiz show “Asked – Hunted”. All of the celebrity guests except Tall had it on their list. “Was cheaper in a pack of three,” said Cantz. Jacoby couldn’t help the former cross-country skier either.

Jauch gives the student 500 euros

It was similar with Cantz. He earned the lowest amount of the evening for a good cause with 32,000 euros. In return, the comedian had helped his colleagues to get the correct answer time and time again by shouting from the sidelines. Cantz didn’t make it easy for himself. He pondered his last question for a full ten minutes: Which award is associated with a fee of currently 50,000 dollars? A) Oscar, B) Nobel Prize, C) “Walk of Fame” star, D) Guinness Book record. Telephone joker Jacoby and the additional joker from the audience tapped the entry in the “Guinness World Records” database. As a precaution, Cantz got out.

In the end, the four celebrities raised 660,000 euros for children in need. In addition, there were winners’ prizes from two additional jokers who also wanted to make a contribution. With so much generosity, Jauch gave something back in the end. A young woman from Cologne, who had offered herself to Cantz as a joker, spontaneously received an honorary bonus from him. Because she had known that the star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame” would have to be bought at a high price. “That should be worth 500 euros to the editors”, announced Jauch and as a precaution made it clear: “Please do not donate, but as a medical student you can certainly find some use. Great!”

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” returns after the long “farmer is looking for a wife” break on December 6th.

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