What is Fast Fashion and how does it affect the clothes you buy?

Have you ever wondered why your pants rip faster nowadays? Or why your new shirt faded in its first wash? Perhaps you have noticed that in recent years the quality of the clothes sold by different companies has decreased considerably and this is due to fast fashion.

One of the problems facing the world today is fast-fashion. Many clothing brands have joined this business in which they produce more clothing than lower quality to get customers who wear out the product to buy more units on a constant basis.

This is what you should know about Fast Fashion. // Source: Twitter @SonyaMa26056286

The fashion industry has changed considerably in recent years, especially with the popularization of fast fashion. The idea that garments soon go out of fashion caused that in the search to deliver newer clothes more quickly, it was decided to invest in lower quality materials so that people should consume all kinds of garments faster.

Surely you are wondering why your mother’s jacket lasted almost perfect for thirty years, but your new shirt did not last even 3 months. This is because the industry no longer bets on quality, but on selling more quantity and that you must consume quickly. These are the dangers of fast fashion.

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Why is Fast Fashion bad for the environment?

Fast Fashion talks about the increase in the production of lower quality clothing by companies. In addition to the fact that manufacturing usually generates a strong pollution both in water and air. Thanks to excessive manufacturing, the number of discarded products has also increased. Whether they are defective or because they are ‘out of fashion’, the number of discarded garments is increasing, even creating huge centers of garbage just for clothes.

Garment contamination caused by Fast Fashion. // Source: Twitter @Shade_of__Green

In addition to that, the fast fashion It directly affects your pocket. Without before you bought a pair of pants that would last you ten years. Now every year you have to buy new pants, because their quality did not withstand washing. Which will make you spend up to 10 times more for something that could last you a long period of time.

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Alternatives for not using Fast Fashion

If you’re worried about how companies are selling quality clothing and you don’t want to support or maybe you’d rather save by buying quality stuff, you can always try shopping online. local businessesLook for small clothing brands or companies that don’t have huge productions. In addition to supporting new ventures, you can also get unique pieces that no one but you can wear. In the same way, you can try to reduce your consumption, buy less garments and seek to give a longer period of life to your garments. If your blouse is out of fashion, don’t throw it away, remember that vintage always comes back. Or, give it a second chance by selling on bazaars.

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