What is current affairs: this is what the Draghi government can do now

Rome, 21 July 2022 – After Draghi’s resignation and looking forward to new electionsthe government will remain in office for the handling of current affairs although members of the majority also hypothesize an approval in extremis of the competition bill, excerpting article 10 on taxis, to safeguard the PNRR. So tonight will take place the cabinet to adopt the provision that defines the perimeter for what the executive will be allowed to do, pursuant to article 88 of the Constitution on the dissolution of the legislature.

The political day hour by hour

Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the ministers in the Senate (Ansa)

What is current affairs

Specifically, the “handling of current affairs” provides that the executive is limited to ensuring administrative continuity and adopting urgent acts. In particular, the government may issue law decrees as dictated by cases of necessity and urgency and examine the relative plans for conversion; examine the draft laws for the ratification of the treaties, the European delegation bills and European law if they are due acts, as fulfillment of international obligations or deriving from EU membership.

What the government cannot do

On the contrary, the government it will not be able to examine new bills, unless required by international obligations; it will be able to approve legislative decrees only if it serves to avoid the expiry of the terms; it will not have to adopt new ministerial or governmental regulations, unless the law or international obligations require otherwise, or if they are necessary for the operation of the public administration or for the implementation of reforms already approved by parliament; not to proceed with appointments or appointments that are not bound in time by laws or regulations, or that in any case cannot be postponed until the new government takes office.

It will be a directive of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, as is customary, probably through a dpcm, to specify the scope within which the resigning premier will move.

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