What is an oddipathy from which Alicia suffers (Married at first sight)?

Aliciathe wife of Brunofavorite couple from season 7 of the reality show Married at first sight, may well be nurse coordinatorshe is in poor health.

Hospitalized in October

On October 11, 2022, Alicia had to be hospitalized for a double health problem. She suffered from both pancreatitis and hepatitis due to the drugs she takes.

Fortunately, 3 days ago, Alicia gave reassuring news about her health: “Everything is fine, I have to continue my follow-ups and be very careful. My blood tests are normal. »

Why does she need medical follow-up?

Alicia suffers from a oddipathy. It’s about a inflammatory pathology of the sphincter of Oddi, a dysfunction of the sphincter of Oddi. Which causes Alicia to have biliary pain, pancreatic pain.

the sphincter of Oddi is located at the entrance of the duodenum. It closes the common bile duct which leads the bile. It also closes the Wirsung duct which conducts pancreatic juice. Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction is a benign condition that not only causes biliary and/or pancreatic painbut also disturbance of the liver balance sheeta bile duct dilation.

This pathology requires regular and specific monitoring. As Alicia explains: “I have to have my teacher follow me in Marseille or Nice. » Not all hospitals have the expertise required to manage this pathology. However, as Alicia says: “In the event of a painful crisis, it is noted in my file, I can still go to the emergency room in Cannes. »

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