What happens when you use too much soap to wash clothes

It’s no secret that the cleaning depth of clothing is enough to prevent infections that can cause serious illness. However, to perform this task thoroughly and effectively, we must take into account homemade tricks intended for home; as well as the type of fabric and the soap that we are going to use.

When doing housework, maybe you’ve been making frequent mistakes. In most cases, families tend to use too much soapbut don’t worry, you still have time to correct this bad practice.

What happens if I put too much soap on the clothes?

According to specialists, abusing soap will cause damage to garments. For example, there is a risk of whitish spots appearing on the fabric. Also will leave your garments stiff or covered with a soapy residue. And if that was not enough, will cause a bad smell in the washing machinedetailed .

It is key to follow the guidelines and not put too much soap when loading the clothes into the washing machine. (Image: Pixabay)

To EVITED these problems, It is recommended not to ignore the instructions indicated on the soap container. Yes indeed, do not pour the detergent without doing it correctlybecause trying to measure the correct amount with the naked eye is more complicated than you think.

What is the best way to wash clothes in a washing machine?

White and colored clothes are usually washed in hot and cold water, respectively. There are fabrics that need different temperatures. The portal He suggests using short programs, as you will save money and take care of the garments.

What goes in the washing machine first?

The ideal is to separate the dirty. It is fundamental to look at the clothing label to know about the type of washing that each one needs and thus place it in the correct groups. In this way, we will prevent any garment from being dyed.

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