What happened to Wonho? The idol worried WENEE at her concert

Wonho surprised his fans with 2 face-to-face concerts in South Korea, WENEE couldn’t be more than happy to see her favorite idol on stage, but an accident stumbled on the second night of their shows.

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Little by little the face-to-face concerts and the public to the musical shows in South Korea, Many fans, you will finally be able to see your favorite bands live once again; Wonho decided to surprise with 2 shows face-to-face, something highly anticipated.

The first night of Wonho’s concerts, ‘We Are Young’, was full of emotions, from very early, the admirers of the singer arrived at the place where their presentation would take place and brought snacks and gifts for the others.

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Already in the show, Hoseok couldn’t help but shed some tears, she hadn’t been able to give concerts like that after her debut as soloist and there are songs exclusively for WENEE, something that touches even more the heart of the performer and his fans live.

The first night ended with much happiness from the public, even from Wonho’s mother who surprisingly received the shirt that he idol used and decided to release for his fans, LOL, but in the second night, WENEE worried about his singer favorite, what happened?

What happened to Wonho? The idol collapses on stage during his second concert ‘We Are Young’

During the second night of Wonho’s ‘We Are Young’ concerts in Korea, after finishing one of his songs Wonho touched his chest as he started to shake and finally fell on the stage, his staff rushed to help him and the fans were surprised at the time.

For over an hour Wonho was absent and the singer Soyou performed some songs while the idol was away; time passed, however, Lee Hoseok He returned to the stage and wanted to continue with his presentation despite what had happened to him.

Wonho returning to the stage | Twitter: @nathhhhmx

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WENEE shared the information on social networks and that is why the Wonho fans all over the world cared about him health condition del idol.

Highlight Entertainment Releases Statement on Wonho’s Health Status

After the concert was over, Highlight Entertainment, the agency running Wonho’s career, issued a official statement about the Health of the artist, they said that he had hyperventilated on stage and was quickly attended to; he wanted to continue with the concert and after consulting with the doctors, he was given the green light to continue.

Doctors and staff kept an eye on Wonho until he finished his performance safely, and the company promises to keep an eye on their artist’s health and apologizes for the concern caused by fans.

Wonho concert poster | Twitter: @monstax_youtube

On Twitter, WENEE is sending a lot of love to Wonho, with the hashtag ‘WENEES WITH WONHO’ They are posting their best messages and giving strength to the idol, showing their concern.

WENEE supporting Wonho on Twitter | Twitter: @ DysisLuc7

This is what happened with Wonho, let’s hope the idol is much better now, WENEE is more than happy with him and his great effort and work, but he also cares about his health and physical and mental state, all his fans are with him idol.

Do you already know Wonho’s career as a soloist? Here we have his best songs that his fans love, become a WENEE if you still do not venture to stannear this incredible idol.

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