What happened to Josh Saviano, the actor who played Paul Pfeiffer in “The Wonder Years”

“The wonderful years” (“The Wonder Years”, in English) is undoubtedly the eighties and nineties series that fell in love with millions of viewers around the world and that, to this day, continues to evoke many memories. how to forget , Winnie Cooper and Paul Pfeiffer, who captivated the audience with their adventures throughout six seasons, between January 1988 and May 1993. As nearly three decades have passed since it ended, several of their fans they wonder what has become of the life of the actors; On this occasion, we will focus on the protagonist’s best friend: Josh Saviano.

In the plot, he is very intelligent and an excellent student, due to his friendship with Kevin, we always see him visiting his house, where the main character’s older brother, Wayne, does not miss the opportunity to annoy him. In the final chapter of the series, it is revealed that he will go to Harvard University to study law. Leaving aside his role, we will tell you what happened to this American actor.

Paul Pfeiffer, Kevin Arnold and Winnie Cooper in “The Wonder Years” (Photo: New World Television)


When “The Wonder Years” ended, Josh Saviano has completely walked away from the world of acting and, like his character Paul Pfeiffer, he went off to study a University degree in Political Sciencebut not at Harvard, but at Yale Universityfrom which he graduated in 1998, two years later he earned his Juris Doctor degree from Yeshiva University.

He began his working life in a New York law firm and in 2000 became part of an internet firm, shortly before entering the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law. He has carried out his career successfully, because integrated several prestigious law firmsHe was even a partner at Morrison Cohen LLP. But Saviano wanted more; thus, in 2015 he founded his own law firm and, three years later, in 2018, a second.

After "The Wonder Years", he walked away from acting (Photo: Josh Saviano / Instagram)

After “The Wonder Years”, he walked away from acting (Photo: Josh Saviano / Instagram)


Although he completely walked away from the recording studios, Josh Saviano agreed to participate as a guest in the series “Law and Order” (“Law & Order”, in English), where he appeared in three chapters between 2014 and 2016.

He is a successful lawyer and has two law firms (Photo: Josh Saviano / Instagram)

He is a successful lawyer and has two law firms (Photo: Josh Saviano / Instagram)


For many years It was speculated that Josh Saviano was actually Marilyn Manson, something that the remembered Paul Pfiffer from “The Wonder Years” has always deniedalthough his words did not convince many at first, since he received up to 20 emails asking him if he really was the singer or not.

The fact that they compared him to the artist, he took it nicely and he said that he was not bothered at any time to be confused, what’s more, he felt honored.

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