What happened to Han So Hee? Fans are worried about his health

Now that Han So Hee has finished filming for her upcoming drama, she is resuming other types of activities such as interviews and fan videos, only the actress’s look aroused some suspicion among fans.

The actress of Nevertheless Y The World of the Married had been busy with filming for Gyeongseong Creature, a new original drama by Netflix which will be released next year. Filming kept this girl’s schedule full, but now she can finally be seen at events where she attends as a special guest.

That was what happened recently when Han So Hee traveled to Thailand as part of a launch event for the watch brand OMEGA. The korean actress He looked great, but besides going to this show he also gave some interviews and that’s when the fans’ suspicions started.

Han So Hee worried her fans. | Source: Instagram @xeesoxee

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Han So Hee worried fans about her look in an interview, does she look too skinny?

The actress and protagonist of the drama Even so met with VOGUE, filmed an entertaining video interview where he shared news with fans. Han So Hee wore a very elegant black outfit, but while some complimented his look, other fans were concerned.

Some comments from fans on social networks expressed that fans noticed the girl much thinner, so several worried that this could be because her Health you weren’t 100% or you were facing a lot of stress.

Han So Hee at the OMEGA event in Thailand. | Source: Instagram @xeesoxee

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Han So Hee’s Agency Reassures Fans And Reveals How The Actress Is Doing

As the fans’ suspicions began to gain attention, the agency 9ATO Entertainmentwho represents Han So Hee’s career, was quick to respond to the rumors that were circulating.

Han So Hee’s agency assures that the actress is in good health. | Source: Instagram @xeesoxee

The company stated that although the interview clip was taken just a few days ago, the girl is perfectly fine and in good health, so fans don’t have to worry:

The interview clip was taken recently. Han So Hee is very healthy.

On the other hand, Song Joong Ki’s new drama has already started airing, only the story of Reborn Rich is facing its first controversy, what is it about?

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