What happened in the chapter of Wednesday, July 20 of “Bitter land”: Fadik’s wedding, Fekeli forgives Fikret, Rashid’s other wife and more

What happened in “bitter earth”? Rashid and Fadik’s wedding brought not only a lot of joy and togetherness, but also great revelations that have put the future of the newlyweds in jeopardy. Added to this is the reconciliation between Fikret and Fekeli. These and other things could be seen during the episode of the famous Turkish soap opera, in Spain. The drama starring Hilal Antinbilek broadcast its new chapter on Wednesday, July 20 through Antena 3. We tell you everything that happened.

Bir Zamanlar Cukurova” or also known as bitter earth” is one of the Turkish productions that has become the favorite of the public in Spain. In that country all its episodes can be seen through the signal of Antenna 3 and his fans increase with the passage of time.

In this telenovela you can see the great role of Hilal Antinbilek along with a great cast of actors.

It should be noted that “bitter earth” was released in 2020 in Turkey and quickly managed to be considered one of the most successful of recent times.

Furkan Palalı as Fikret Fekeli in “Bitter Land” (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

A Spain arrived in July 2021 and from that date to the present it has achieved important ratings.

Next, find out what happened in the chapter of the Wednesday July 20 from the Turkish soap operabitter earth”, issued through the signal of Antenna 3 in Spain.


Demir rejects Ümit

Ümit still obsessed with Demir and will do everything possible so that he is always by her side even though Yaman has told her to leave him alone.

Given this, the woman telephones Demir and tells him that she can’t live without him. “I don’t care, I don’t care about Züleyha or what might happen”, says the young woman.

This annoys Demir but did not imagine that Ümit would remember that his father, Adnan Yaman he also committed an act of infidelity.

Your father did that, he never divorced your mother and stayed with Sevda until the end of his daysUmit said.

Demir does not fall into his game and after warning that he is not like adan tells him not to call again or he’ll be sorry he did. The young woman is devastated on the verge of tears.

Ümit is rejected by Demir again (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Ümit is rejected by Demir again (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

Lütfiye makes Fikret reconsider

Lütfiye converse with Fikret and talk about Demir. The very furious young man asks him not to defend Yaman.

The woman tries to make him understand things and to put himself in the situation of Demir. “I understand you, it’s sad, it’s something very painful and even if you’re right, so is he”, says Lütfiye.

His aunt also confesses that she is afraid of losing him because of what could happen to her for continuing her rivalry with Demir. “What am I going to do if something happens to you? For you I feel weakness, I have always seen you as a child”said Lütfiye.

But the most shocking thing was when he confessed that his sister asked him to take care of Fikret.

Fekeli forgives Fikret

Fikret has become quite a headache for his uncle, Fekeli, who no longer knows what to do with his nephew due to the plans and actions he has been carrying out. This has caused him great disappointment. But Lütfiye managed to Fikret go to your uncle’s house to apologize.

“I have always cared about you. I’ve tried my hardest not to dig your own grave or end up in prison.”said Fekeli.

Fikret he apologizes to his uncle. But Fekeli he tells him that he has only tried to advise him for his good.

After being silent for several minutes Fikret says goodbye to his uncle and Fekeli does not allow me to touch it; however, the emotion invades them and they give each other a big hug in front of Lütfiye.

At that moment it appears mughan who is happy to see Fikret. Fekeli Invite everyone to dinner to get your family off to a good start.

Fekeli forgives Fikret (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
Fekeli forgives Fikret (Photo: Tims & B Productions)

Rashid got married but does he have another wife?

Another of the most anticipated moments in this telenovela was the wedding between rashid Y Fadik. This happens after rashid will plant on the altar Fadik a long time ago. Now happiness has enveloped them.

But this magical moment ended when a woman came in screaming and going to rashid: “How can you do something like that! That man has broken my heart!”.

Zulehya, Sevda and the other guests are very surprised by what they are seeing. But in front of the whole world the woman will reveal that rashid it is her husband with whom she has a child.

Rashid, do you know her? Who is that woman?“, He tells Fadik. Demir asks for explanations rashid who remains without saying a word.

The woman who claims to be Rashid's wife (Photo: Tims & B Productions)
The woman who claims to be Rashid’s wife (Photo: Tims & B Productions)


You can watch the soap opera”Land bitter” through the Antena 3 signal in Spain. The episodes are released, Monday through Friday, from 5:45 p.m..

Also, remember that you can also enjoy fiction through streaming, from the ATRESplayer Premium platform.



bitter land” is the story of a legendary love, which begins in Istanbul in the 1970s and continues in the land of Çukurova. The couple in love Züleyha and Yılmaz They decide to hide their identities and move from Istanbul due to the murder Yilmaz committed to protect his beloved from sexual assault.

Fate takes them to Çukurova, specifically to the town of Adana, where they decide to stay and work on the farm of Hünkar Yaman and his son Demir, who will fall in love with the young woman without knowing that her heart belongs to Yilmaz. To maintain anonymity, the two lovers decide to pretend to be brothers before the local society. MORE DETAILS HERE.


  • Original title: Bir Zamanlar Çukurovaaka
  • Release year: 2018
  • Country: Turkey
  • Address: Murat Saraçoglu, Faruk Teber, Evren Karabiyik
  • Script: Yildiz Tunç, Derem Ciray, Atilla Özel, Melis Veziroglu Yilmaz, Ayça Üzüm
  • Music: Aytekin G. Atas
  • Photography: Sedat Yücel, Taylan Sancaktar
  • Production: Tims & B Productions


  • Hilal Altinbilek as Zuleyha Altun
  • Murat Ünalmış as Demir Yaman
  • Furkan Palali as Fikret Fekeli
  • Hande Soral as Ümit Kahraman
  • Melike Ipek Yalova as Müjgan Hekimoğlu
  • Esra Dermancıoğlu as Behice Hekimoğlu
  • Nazan Kesal as Sevda Cağlayan
  • Omer Fethi Canpolat as Adnan ‘Yılmaz’ Yaman
  • Ugur Gunes as Yılmaz Akkaya. SEE COMPLETE LIST.

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