What happened in Extraordinary Attorney Woo? romance is on the rise

Know all the news of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, we tell you what happened to the K-Drama characters in recent episodes, so you will not lose details of the legal history.

ENA’s K-Drama continues to grab attention with its charming story, the plot started with a a lawyer very intelligent who begins to work in a law firm, but because she is autistic, adapting to living with others and their work dynamics was a challenge for her.

Now she performs showing her ability in trials and has managed to work as a team with her peers, as well as create good emotional bonds, one of them being the romance with Lee Junho.

Previously on Extraordinary Attorney Woo, we saw that the character of kang tae oh confessed his feelings for the lawyer Woo Young Woo and then she admitted she felt the same way so they started dating and treated us to sweet scenes how has her relationship evolved love?

Protagonists of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

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Woo Young Woo’s father finds out about his relationship with Lee Jun Ho

Due to the Romance that unites them, the characters of Park Eun Bin and Kang Tae Oh now they spend much more time together, when Lee Jun Ho accompanied the protagonist to her house, they said goodbye with a kiss very romantic, but Woo Young Woo’s father was watching everything.

Later, he spoke directly to the girl and she seemed surprised that he knew, but her father responded by pointing out that since that scene had happened in front of his house, how he didn’t know was not a mystery. LOL!

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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Shows Main Couple’s Romantic Dates

If you’re loving the relationship between Woo Young Woo and Lee Jun Ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woothen you should not miss the outings that these characters will have together, as they will continue to spend a lot of time together and will even start a demonstration so that the dolphins are released from the aquariums.

Protagonist of Extraordinary Attorney Woo. | Source: Instagram @channel.ena.d

Although the romance has not stopped increasing in the dramathere are also many challenges ahead, not only within the trials but even for Woo Young Woo’s future as a lawyer.

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