What happened between Cande Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés? The fight between the daughter and the ex of Marcelo Tinelli, explained

He Clan Tinelli is not going through its best days: it turns out that loneliness aquinothe mother of Mica and Cande Tinelligenerated alarm by desperately asking for work in their networks and then He came out to clarify his employment situation after deleting the publication. Now, It was Lelé who unleashed a scandal by talking about his relationship with Marcelo Tinelli’s ex, Guillermina Valdes.

This is how Candela Tinelli spoke about Guillermina Valdés!

It happens that after nine years as a couple and a child in common, Lawrencethe end of the relationship between the driver and the actress continues with several questions, since there was even talk of a possible reconciliation between the two. Some days ago, tinelli was linked with Mommy Giardina.

Far from supporting a reconciliation, Candela Tinelli had strong statements towards her stepmother: I never really connected with her. We’re different. I like people who do my old man good. If you don’t see your father or a relative well…”pointed out emphatically Cande Tinelli about Guillermina Valdes in THE Mthe cycle driven by brito angel by America.

About his presence at the events of Guillerminastated that it was “once or twice, with all the fury”. and he admitted: “Maybe that was to support my old man, more than her. I respect her, it’s all good, it’s her life. But I never had much skin with her, like something energetic”.

Cande Tinelli in LAM. Photo: Instagram (/candelariatinelli).

“I think it did him a little wrong, because he is always a very happy person, who loves to work. And I feel like he stopped doing a lot of things.”gave his opinion on the couple of the businesswoman with her father.

Besides, He spoke about his relationship with the children of Valdés: “We are raised in different ways, with other values. We are very polite and grateful, and able not to see the same on the other side. My old man gave them everything and there was very little gratitude on his part.”he confessed.

A few hours after his controversial statements, the answers did not wait. The first to do so was Dante Ortegathe son of Guillermina Valdes with Sebastian Ortega: “I don’t usually get into media stuff. I just wanted to answer that I would never speak ill of any of Lorenzo’s brotherswrote in instagram.

Daniel Ortega on the statements of Cande Tinelli against Guillermina Valdés and her children. Photo: Instagram: (/_danteortega_)

For her part, the former Marcelo Tinellitweeted: “Sad the information that is coming to meabove all because In the years that I was with Marce I received messages of love and gratitude from Cande about the nice bond he had with his dad. today that we are not together It surprises and saddens me, for all that I have lived, to hear this”.

Guillermina Valdés’s reaction to Cande Tinelli’s statements on Twitter.

However, it is not the first time that Cande Tinelli showed distance with Guillermina Valdes. “I am able to see another Guillermina that I did not know. I see her more relaxed, looser”he said in an interview for “Partners of the Show” about the rumors of romance with santi maratea.

Cande Tinelli on Guillermina Valdes. Photo: Instagram (/gossipeame).

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