What hair color for winter 2022? Dark and light brown is a trend, says hairstylist

change hair color is the desire of many women when a new season arrives. And with winter approaching, the question arises: what is the trendy hair color this season?The brunette or lit brown is a very strong trend for winter“, replies hairstylist, colorist and highlights specialist Diego Andradez.

According to the expert, this shade brings naturalness to the wires. And he adds: “Refinement and a healthier proposal for brunettes who want a look with contrast.”

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A tip that proves the success of this look is in the eyes of those who browse social networks. More and more brunettes are lit up in the feeds lately: “The choice for ‘warmer’ hair has become more and more frequent and in winter it will be no different, because mainly because it is a colder season, the search for a that illuminates becomes even greater.”

Illuminated brunette hair in winter: the variations that are trending

Diego Andradez lists the Cappuccino, almond, hazelnut, copper and golden honey tones as sure bets for those who want to enter this trend. “And all its variations always associated with the natural background and its contrasts”, she explains.

For those who have naturally dark hair and, at some point, have highlighted or lightened the wires, maintaining the color requires some extra care and a change in routine so that the hair is always with a beautiful color and the wires are hydrated, whether for cuts. short or long hair..

“Even hair that has not gone through a major stage of discoloration, the illuminated cannot be left out of treatments during the winter. Color protection is essential, so we have the help of lines designed for colored hair, prolonging the shine and preventing the fade.”

The professional reinforces for those who are adept at heat sources in the cold season – whether to dry, model or finish the hair -, the use of thermal protectors. “It is indispensable in order to keep this fiber intact and its color conserved for much longer”, he explains.

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