What does XD mean in WhatsApp and why many use it

Nowadays, emojis have become one of the most popular elements in our conversations about WhatsApp. Every time we write something, we always tend to share one or two. However, many people still tend to type “XD”. Do you really know what it means and why it is so common to use it? Well, here we explain it to you.

Like there is the emoji in letters of the smiley face, which is transcribed as a colon with a parenthesis, there is also the “XD”. Each of them has a pretty funny meaning in WhatsApp. In case someone sent it to you and you did not understand, we will get you out of any doubt.

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  • If someone sent you an X accompanied by the capital letter D, it means that person is laughing.
  • This is not a simple laugh, but you are laughing out loud, which you cannot stop.
  • It also serves to express that something seemed funny or funny in the WhatsApp conversation.
  • It can be expressed in various ways, such as capital letters “D” and lowercase “x”. They can also be capitalized both.
Many times “XD” is related to a funny reaction on WhatsApp. (Photo: MAG)


It can have a diversity of writings. While the most common is all uppercase, it can also go lowercase on WhatsApp.

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