What does J-Hope’s Arson candle smell like? This inspired her scent

Along with the premiere of his new solo album, J-Hope was also in charge of participating in a special collection of objects inspired by Jack In The Box, which includes everything from a music box to key chains. But the item that every fan wanted to get was Arson’s candle. J-Hope revealed what inspired him to choose the fragrance for this candle.

J Hope of bts continues to surprise his fans with new merchandise for jack in the box. On this occasion, he told ARMY what inspired him to create the candle with Arson’s design. What scent did you want to replicate?

J-Hope confessed what inspired him for his Arson candle. // Source: Twitter @BIGHIT_MUSIC

ARMY was completely delighted with the entire collection of objects that J-Hope created for the collection of jack in the box. The idol was inspired by the color pink and mint, which predominate in his disco, and wanted to give a style of pop art playful to each of the pieces in his collection.

Among the objects, who took the crown of being the most requested was the red candle inspired in Arson, their lead single. Which caused a lot of curiosity among fans because of its aroma. So J-Hope told all the secrets of the candle to his fans.

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J-Hope wanted to recreate the aroma of the United States in his Arson candle

In a recent interview, BTS’s J-Hope began to talk about each of the objects he chose for the collection of jack in the box and that shortly after they went on sale they were completely sold out by the fans who adored them.

Arson candle for the Jack In The Box collection. // Source: Twitter @kseoulifybudols

Especially, the idol talked about the Arson’s candle, which was one of the most requested objects by fans. When asked what inspired him for this particular item, the idol mentioned that it was the scent of America.

J-Hope was honest with his fans and mentioned that he was looking to replicate a smell that I had noticed in different places of USA, especially in recording studios and even bathrooms. He claimed that only the places in that country had that unique essence and he liked it too much.

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What is the smell of J-Hope’s Arson candle? Fragrances it contains

The Arson candle that J-Hope created for the Jack In The Box collection contains the following scent combination: Woodmoss and Vanilla at the base, Spicy Balsam with a hint of Jasmine at the center, and Powdery Essence at the top. higher. This combination to replicate a little the aroma of the recording studios in the United States.

On the other hand, RM was one of the members of BTS who most noticed all the effort that J-Hope gave for Jack In The Box. This is what he said about his partner.

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