What do you give for school enrollment?: School beginners are happy about these gifts

The start of school is just around the corner and with it the question: what do you give for school enrollment? Many children and parents can hardly wait until the first day of school. Make your child happy with these gifts in the school cone.

After the summer holidays, many children and their parents are faced with an exciting time: school enrollment and the beginning of school. From then on it’s time to read, write, do arithmetic, learn and much more.
The school satchel and a filled pencil case are often gifts given by the parents – it’s a good thing that the child needs more than that to start school. A nice school bag, for example.

What do you give for enrollment? – as family, friends or acquaintances

The selection of gifts for school enrollment is huge. So that the children can feel like little stars on this day and have a particularly nice start to school, we have put together some nice gift ideas for the school cone for you.

Gift idea: books for the ABC shooter

1. Exercise book for beginning readers

Learning fun after school also comes up with this book: “The Little Dragon Coconut: letters and first words“. From writing tasks, copying letters to letter puzzles, this exercise booklet has everything your child needs when it starts school. Your child will be happy about this gift on the day it starts school.

2. ABC of animals

Does your child want to learn to read when they start school? Featuring the beautifully illustrated and designed ABC of animals as a gift idea this is possible. The book is for children between the ages of six and eight, making it the perfect gift for starting school. The ABC of Animals is very motivating for children as the ABC book begins with reading syllables and then slowly builds into words and small sentences. Ideal as a small gift!

3. Wipe-and-away books

Is your child ready to start school? With these four great wipe-and-away books it can practice how to use the pen safely, learn the first letters, numbers and shapes and learn how to read the clock. Thanks to the erasable pen, this can be done as often as your child wants. Nice gift idea for the time before school enrollment, but also for when school starts! And if the pens don’t work so well anymore, there is here the appropriate replacement.

4. Audio book “The Little Dragon Coconut Comes to School”

Dragon Coconut is super popular with kids. With the audio book “The Little Dragon Coconut Comes to School” you can be sure that your child will not be disappointed when they start school. The story of the beginning of school of the dear dragon coconut and his friends is really nice to read, the drawings are lovingly designed, the chapters are not too long and the font is large enough for first graders. Nice gift to start school!

5. Elementary School Lexicon

Books are always grateful and useful gift ideas, also for school enrollment. They please not only the parents, but also the children and provide support in particular when learning to read at the start of school.

A comprehensive lexicon should not be missing for the school day, because your child can rummage through it endlessly, look up certain things and ask you a few things. This one is a best-seller among primary school encyclopedias and a super nice gift idea for school enrollment. It will certainly brighten up one or the other day after school for your child.

6. Friendship Book

The best way to get to know the kids in your class a little better after they start school is with a friendship book. In this way you learn the names, places of residence and hobbies of the other school children, which makes the start of school much easier and nicer for your child.

Would you like to give away a funny friendship book for school enrolment? Then this is it here exactly the right gift idea for your child’s school bag.

If you prefer a more classic back to school friendship book, we recommend this here.

Games for back to school

1. Letter game

The Letter Game is the perfect gift for starting school, because the children not only learn the alphabet in a playful way, this game also trains the child’s ability to look closely, vocabulary and concentration. Popular gift idea for the school cone!

2. tiptoi “We play school”

With the bestseller “We play school” from Ravensburger, your child learns in a playful way what a day at school looks like. With the tiptoi pen, your child can experience the school day alive and learn exciting things for school through varied tasks with different levels of difficulty and learning together. The perfect school enrollment gift you won’t go wrong with your child! So nothing stands in the way of starting school.

3. Games for the break

And first graders shouldn’t miss out on their breaks during the school day. This small, practical and beautifully designed metal box contains 25 cards, each with a super nice game ideas for the break are provided. The best: Almost all games do without additional material. Movement and fun are guaranteed for the children with this gift idea. A great graduation gift!

4. Breakfast board

This gift is something very special for school enrollment, because it is a 1×1 breakfast board. So your child can learn numbers and multiplication tables in a playful way at any time while eating. As long as you don’t put the board in the dishwasher or soak it in water for too long, this school graduation gift will last forever. Perfect for kids learning!

You get the right breakfast board with the alphabet for children to start school here.

Equipment for the start of school

1. Drinking bottle

There are endless beautiful ideas for the children when they start school. One of the most sought-after gifts in the school cone is a leak-proof and robust drinking bottle for children. This drinking bottle is available in ten different colors, light, easy to use and the best friend to start school. Your child will certainly be happy about this drinking bottle!

2. Lunch box

An own nice lunch box makes children’s eyes shine and should not be missing as a gift in the school cone when they start school. Perfect for taking lunch and other small treats with you. Particularly practical: the lunch box has a partition and can be selected in other colours. This way, your child will definitely have fun eating at school!

3. Children’s alarm clock

Even if you wake your child up yourself in the morning, having your own alarm clock is a great gift idea, especially for school enrollment. This alarm clock is available in eleven different colors, suitable for every child’s room. Particularly practical: The dial of the clock can be illuminated by pressing a button. So your child will definitely have a lot more fun getting up early for school and at some point they will no longer want to be woken up by you, but by the alarm clock alone. Practical gift for the start of school!

4. Children’s watch

Are you still looking for a suitable watch for your child so that they can learn to read the time quickly and easily? Under these wristwatches there is sure to be one that is right for your child. In this way, they can learn the times together – and at the same time guarantee that your child always gets home on time.

5. The school cone

The absolute classic among the gifts for school enrollment is the school cone. Whether you made it yourself or bought it, small or large, filled with gifts or sweets, no child should be without a school cone on the first day of school.

If you want to make a school cone yourself for the start of school, paint it, stick it on and maybe add the child’s name, that’s a good idea this blank particularly good. But you can also directly a school cone craft set buy with a cute motif. Here you can find for example a cool tractor craft set and here a nice craft set with unicorns.

Next to the tractor motif is this one School cone with dinosaur particularly popular for school enrollment. For girls, this is next to school cones with unicorns School cone with cute owls very popular at the start of school.

Parents who are looking for a sibling bag for school enrollment or kindergarten will here find it.

6. Filler

A good fountain pen is part of the basic equipment of every pencil case – but in most schools it is only used in the second grade at the earliest. So here you decide on a gift for school enrollment that will remind you even in the middle of elementary school. This fountain pen is stable, fits well in the hand, does not slip and is ideal for right-handers. You can also find the same product here for left-handers. Ideal as a gift idea for the school bag!

7. Schoolbag

With this six-piece Samsonite satchel set save yourself any stress before starting school, because with this set you are giving away a satchel, a sports backpack, a wallet, a DIN A4 notebook box, a pencil case with Staedtler pens, a pencil case and a rain cover. There is hardly a nicer gift for your child when they start school!

The most important: The satchel is very light, well padded, water-repellent and has an adjustable back section in three sizes. Definitely one of the most beautiful and sustainable gift ideas for children when they start school!

GALA wishes the parents and children a good start at school!

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