What did the singer-songwriter Pablo Milanés die of?

At 77 years of age and after a successful career that marked several generations from different countries, the singer Pablo Milanes died in Madrid during the early hours of Tuesday, November 22, according to a statement that the Cuban work team published on their Facebook accounts. social networks.

The singer-songwriter, who is considered one of the creators of the Cuban nueva trova, had moved to the Spanish capital several years ago due to a series of health problems that needed to be attended to in the best possible way, so he crossed the pond With direction to Europe in order to obtain it.

After some time of struggle, his health deteriorated and he ceased to exist, but what will always last are his songs like “”, “”, “”, among others, which continue to be heard by people of all ages, proving that it was certainly valid until his last days.

Pablo Milanés died in Spain, where he was dealing with some illnesses (Photo: AFP)


The people who worked with the Cuban artist had access to his social profiles, so it was decided to issue a public communication there in order for the media and his fans to find out about the unfortunate fact.

“With great pain and sadness, we regret to inform you that the teacher Pablo Milanés has passed away this morning of November 22 in Madrid”can be read on his Facebook.

As was evident, the artist’s followers filled the post with comments expressing their sadness and condolences to the family and close friends.

Finally, the communication ends with a thank you message for all the shows of support towards your loved ones.

“We deeply appreciate all the expressions of affection and support, to all his family and friends, in these difficult times. May he rest in the love and peace that he has always transmitted. It will remain forever in our memory.”can be read in the post.


The artist born in Cuba He was admitted to a hospital in Madrid for about 10 days due to infections in his bodywhich were born due to a type of blood cancer that forced him to move to another country and to move away from his career as a singer and from the stage.

Although no further official communication from someone close to the singer-songwriter has been issued, from Spain they affirm that what he experienced in recent days was the reason for his unfortunate death.

In addition, everything got worse, taking into account that he had some other ailments such as inflammation of the gallbladder and a kidney infection that, over the years, was detected.


With a video and a few words on her Instagram account, the singer Tania Libertad remembered and said goodbye to Pablo Milanés, whom she considered a great friend that she achieved thanks to music. “A great composer, wonderful singer and extraordinary friend left; PABLO MILANÉS, like this, with capital letters. We will miss you Dear Pablo. Have a good trip. I will hug you and sing to you always”he stated.

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