What did Song Kang study? This was his preparation for the performance

Song Kang’s great talent is well recognized in all the dramas he has participated in, but it is not only about having excellent skills, it is also necessary to have enough knowledge to apply them in the best way, what university degree did he study Song Kang?

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In different dramas and movies of Korea we have been able to enjoy all the great talents of Song Kang for acting, productions like ‘Love Alarm’, ‘Sweet Home’ and ‘Nevertheless’, this Korean actor has impressed the public with his different characters.

The first drama in which Kang appeared was ‘The Liar and His Lover’ in 2017, since then, he caught the attention of many fans who looked forward to new projects where the actor Within the cast, he quickly landed new roles even as a leading man.

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The ability that Song Kang has to act is undeniable, but it is not only about being talented for something, making the most of each ability also entails having enough knowledge to fully exploit something that this celebrity may have as a talent.

How did Song Kang prepare for the performance? He first had to be an excellent and disciplined student to be able to show us his camera skills in all their glory.

What career did Song Kang study?

Song Kang studied cinematographic arts from Konkuk UniversitySince he was a child, his dream of being an actor was born in Kang, since he saw the Titanic movie and was inspired by the performance of Leonardo DiCaprio; Before deciding entirely on a career, he planned to work as an architect or furniture designer.

Before turning to acting, many K-Pop agencies sought out Song Kang to become an idol because of his good physique, being handsome and tall, he attracted the attention of these companies, but he remained focused on his dream of working. in film and television.

This is how Song Kang prepared for acting | Twitter: @dailysongkang

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Finally, Song Kang came to captivate millions of fans of the dramas with his great talent and all that he learned while he was a dedicated student.

Song Kang studied at the same university as BTS’s Jin

Song Kang y Jin de BTS they studied at Konkuk University, only the idol studied art and acting graduating in 2017; Kang has told stories about his connection to Seokjin, the first time he saw him he was impressed by how handsome he was, but he also turned out to be someone with great charisma as well.

Even Jin served as an inspiration for Song Kang at school and in the end they were classmates, although they could only meet a few times.

Song Kang and Seokjin were classmates at the University | Twitter: @jinnieslamp

This is how Song Kang prepared to be a great actor who today has become one of the most relevant in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Do you know what Song Kang’s fandom is called? Fans of the actor could identify with a name to further demonstrate their love for him.

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