What Dayanara Torres looked like before she became a beauty queen

  • This is what Dayanara Torres looked like at age 12
  • The aesthetic operation that Dayanara Torres regrets
  • This is what Dayanara Torres looked like when she became Miss Universe at the age of 19

Diana Torres became internationally known when he became Miss Universe in 1993. From that moment her life changed completely and her career was on the rise, she even gave something to talk about when she married the salsa singer Mark Anthony. But, before fame knocked on her door, the life of the Puerto Rican was very different.

The name of Diana Torres She gained further media exposure when she married Marc Anthony in 2000 and they had two children: Christian and Ryan, who are now young adults. But soon they separated and the model faced a very complicated stage when she was diagnosed with skin cancer (melanoma).

It was in 2019 when the disease was detected, which arose based on a mole that he did not give importance to. After being operated and undergoing treatment, the former beauty queen successfully beat cancer. After this difficult stage in her life, she continued with her career and became an important figure in the world of fashion and international entertainment.

Dayanara Torres became known when she was crowned Miss Universe in 1993 (Photo: Mark Ralston / AFP)


Currently Dayanara Torres is very active on her social networks where she accumulates more than a million followers from all corners of the world who are waiting for each publication made by Miss Universe.

On these platforms, the Puerto Rican model shares her best looks, projects, television appearances and promotes the products of her decoration collection ‘Dayanara Collection’.

And, recently, Dayanara Torres became a topic of conversation on the internet because a photo of her as a child went viral, specifically when she was 12 years old.

In the postcard you can appreciate all the beauty and charisma of the Puerto Rican artist: “Dayanara Torres in her First Communion,” reads the description of the fan account of Puerto Rican artists on Instagram.

Dayanara Torres in her first communion when she was 12 years old (Photo: Artistas Boricuas/Instagram)

Dayanara Torres in her first communion when she was 12 years old (Photo: Artistas Boricuas/Instagram)


  • Date of Birth: October 28, 1974.
  • Place of birth: Toa Alta, Puerto Rico.
  • Age: 47 years.
  • Height: 1.74m
  • Occupation: Former beauty queen, model and actress
  • Nationality: Puerto Rican.
  • Languages ​​spoken: Spanish and English.

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