"What are you going to do ?" : Nawell Madani shares on the Web a confusion in the middle of the street, this fan who went too far with her ten-month-old doll

Like countless celebrities, Nawell Madani struggles to maintain her privacy. Being a star, this mission can sometimes be very perilous. For several months, the darling of Djebril Zonga is on a cloud… And for good reason the birth of her daughter Lou has filled her at all levels. Anxious to preserve her anonymity, the pretty brunette refuses to immortalize her at all costs on social networks.

Ditto in the media, no photo has leaked to date. But this Wednesday, August 3, the artist saw red when he discovered that a fan had tried to film her discreetly. “I’m walking with my daughter, the weather is nice, I enjoy a little bit with her… And there, I notice a woman. Not a young girl, a woman, a daronne, busy filming my daughter. I burn her, I approach me, I say ‘Hello, can I know what you are doing?'”, explained Nawell Madani on the Web.

Nawell Madani wishes to protect his daughter

Not wanting to make things worse, the comedian assures that she addressed her interlocutor with “calm”. Obviously, the latter seemed taken aback by the problem. According to her, the comedian was above all a “public figure”. During their exchange, Nawell Madani then reaffirmed his wish to be quiet with his daughter.

Annoyed, the woman would have replied: “What are you going to do ?”. A dry answer which visibly ulcerated the actress… She did not, moreover, pour out on the rest of this story on her social networks. Before moving on to projects at the start of the school year, Jamel Debbouze’s sidekick will certainly make the most of his summer vacation with his family… out of sight this time!


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