What are the addictions that Chyno Miranda must overcome

the health of Chyno Miranda and all the related controversy are still very sensitive issues and of great interest to people in Latin America, mainly their fans who miss their music and performances. In recent years, the Venezuelan artist managed his recovery in private by decision of his family, but a few weeks ago this point has been touched on very often in media.

All this is due to the fact that a court order decreed that the person in charge of making decisions regarding the artist is his girlfriend and no longer his mother, Alcira Pérez, and his cousin Yarubay Zapata. In addition, the transfer of the singer was ordered from the Tía Panchita rehabilitation center to the El Cedral clinic due to the poor conditions in which he had been treated at the first mentioned location, which has not gone down very well with the relatives.

In this new place you are in, Chyno Miranda must be struggling to recover from the consequences that COVID-19 left him, especially encephalitis and everything that has to do with his brain. Nevertheless, You should also pay close attention to the addictions that you have been adopting in this complicated process.if it wants to achieve full improvement, becoming something that has generated some doubt in public opinion.

And it is that, in recent weeks, there has been a lot of talk about addictions, since the parties involved have used that word on numerous occasions, but what they mean by it has not been specified, which is why in this note we will give more details on this point that has caused much controversy in Venezuela and the entire world.

Chyno Miranda is in a recovery process after the consequences of COVID-19 (Photo: Chyno Miranda / Instagram)


The hard process after having had coronavirus was very difficult for Chyno Miranda, since It brought him very strong sequels from which he has not recovered so farso fell into depression and anxietywhich is why specialist doctors prescribed a series of medications to control these mood and mental problems.

However, it transpired that in the long run this became counterproductive because the Venezuelan became dependent on that medicine that controls his state of mind, causing him greater problems in this complicated stage of his life.

Likewise, his mother has revealed that in the little that she has been able to see her son in recent days, she noticed that he is drinking coffee and has started smoking again and become very anxious.


Since all changes in the panorama of Chyno Miranda because his girlfriend is the one who manages everything related to him, the artist’s direct relatives have been upset and concerned about everything that has happened.

For example, Chyno’s mother assured that she did not receive notification about her son’s transfer and that, since he arrived in El Cedral, she has not been able to visit him frequently because they do not allow it, which has caused her great concern. Also, she commented that she is not receiving her encephalitis medicine.

Another concern that exists in the family is the cost of treatment in El Cedral, since Mrs. Alcira Pérez assured that she does not have to pay the 35,000 dollars a month that the health center where she is today would charge.

Chyno Miranda's mother spoke about her state of health and the conditions of her rehabilitation (Photo: Luis Olvatierra / YouTube)

Chyno Miranda’s mother spoke about her state of health and the conditions of her rehabilitation (Photo: Luis Olvatierra / YouTube)

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