What are the 5 factions of “The Last of Us” that you should know

“The Last of Us” premiered its first episode and we could meet two of the factions important in the adaptation of the video game of the same name. As more chapters are released each Sunday, we will likely get more information about new groups. Here we will explain which are the most relevant.

The HBO Max series about the survivors inside a zombie apocalypse It premiered on January 15, 2022, with the first episode titled “When You’re Lost in the Darkness” (“When you are lost in the dark” in Spanish).

Theoretically, a context like this should make those infected by the Cordyceps fungus the main enemy, but the harsh reality shows that, even in such extreme situations, humanity is not capable of uniting. Encountering one of the following factions may become a worse fate than being killed by a Clicker.

Before continuing, take a look here. trailer for “The Last of Us”.


5. Phaedra

The Federal Disaster Response Agency, commonly known as FEDRA, is a militarized group which contains the last remnants of the United States government after the Cordyceps Brain Infection (CBI) outbreak in 2003. They are the ones who control most of the Quarantine Zones at the start of “The Last of Us”.

4. Fireflies

The Fireflies are an armed rebel group that arose in response to the authoritarianism of FEDRA. His goal was to turn the Quarantine Zones into freer and more democratic cities. They work in the form of guerrillas, generating organized attacks and explosions. In addition, they seek to develop the vaccine for the fungus that infected humanity.

The Boston Quarantine Zone is full of pints with phrases from the Fireflies in "The Last of Us" (Photo: HBO)

The Boston Quarantine Zone is full of pints with phrases from the Fireflies in “The Last of Us” (Photo: HBO)

3. WLF / Wolves

The Washington Liberation Front, also known as Lobos due to the sound of their initials, is a paramilitary group and one of the biggest antagonists in “The Last of Us Part II”, so it can be They still haven’t made an appearance. They are located in Seattle and are one of the most violent and ruthless organizations.

2. Seraphites

The Seraphites (Seraphites), also called Scars, is a primitivist cult that sought to get society to stop industrialization and technology. They believe that the Cordyceps infection was a punishment on humanity for its sins. They are located near Seattle, so they are always in conflict with the Wolves.

1. Vipers

Las Víboras (Rattlers) is a militarized slave-owning gang found in the Santa Barbara, California area. They are another of the factions that become the main antagonists in “The Last of Us Part II”, but in the first episode of the series there was already mention of people of this type. They are the cruelest and most sadistic group, for they not only force people to work, but also infect them for fun.

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