What a match: absolutely spectacular duel with varying chances and ten(!) goals in Zulte Waregem – KAS Eupen

For Zulte Waregem and KAS Eupen it was all hands on deck on the last day of the World Cup in Qatar. In a tough relegation battle, both teams can certainly use the three points.

Zulte Waregem started the game with twelve points, KAS Eupen had three more after last week’s victory. For both teams, a victory would be a great boost towards the World Cup break, the supporters of Essevee had once again come en masse to a foggy Rainbow Stadium.

Fast backlog

Mbaye Leye knew the importance of the game and therefore chose the expected names, with Gano and Vossen in the front. In the back it was up to Willen and Tambedou to keep things closed and that would be very poor.

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© photonews.com

The first two chances for the East Cantoners were immediately good for the same number of goals. Konan N’dri first trumped Willen at speed on his way to 0-1, ten minutes later Charles-Cook took advantage of the space he received from Tambedou.

For his part, Essevee didn’t get much further than a few header chances, mainly from Gano, but on one of them he was able to aim the 1-2 against the ropes with his head. And so the home team got some courage, only to have their feet on the ground a minute later thanks to Nuhu – the defense of Zulte Waregem again did not look good in a pinball moment.

Total turnaround

Thanks to the VAR, a mistake on Rommens became a penalty kick, so that Gano made it 2-3 from the spot. Resting with five goals already on the scoreboard, it seemed like a spectacle from the good old box.

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And even after the break it was quickly hit. Boris Lambert was able to head in a corner at the near post to give the visitors another double lead. The Pandas had never beaten Zulte Waregem and in attempt fifteen it seemed to succeed.

10 targets!

Essevee tried, but it took a long time to light the fire. In the end, it was Braem who headed in a corner, the signal for five crazy minutes in which Offor (thanks to a mistake by goalkeeper Moser) and Fadera turned things around.

Books ready and sledgehammer for Eupen so? No, because Soumano was able to take advantage of a mistake by Bostyn in added time to push the 5-5 against the ropes in an absolutely spectacular duel at the Gaverbeek.

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