We’ve selected 10 SPECTACULAR movies for you to watch on STAR+

For the delight of moviegoers and moviegoers from all over Brazil, the new STAR+ streaming arrived in our country weeks ago. With a wonderful catalog full of fantastic series and movies, STAR+ showed what it came and already offers its subscribers an incredible range of varieties for all tastes.

Thinking to indicate some movie tips available in this new streaming, we’ve gathered here in this article 10 Films available on STAR+:

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the wolf behind the door

Evil comes from every place we ever imagined. One of the sensations of one of the last editions of the Rio de Cinema Festival, the Brazilian feature film the wolf behind the door it’s one of those movies you’ll take a while to forget. Directed and brilliantly written by the new generation filmmaker Fernando Coimbra, the film floats between suspense and drama, somewhat reminiscent of Nordic film molds, mainly due to the bombastic revelations of its electrifying outcome. One of the great performances of the actress’ career Leandra Leal.

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Ad Astra

When reason and emotion meet in space. Ad Astra delivers much more than it promises, in addition to cinephile references all the time. With a brilliant performance by the excellent actor Brad Pitt and a direction beyond competent of James Gray, the film navigates through the feeling through the quietest place we know. The combination of science and fiction, which especially for non-experts becomes something fantastic because we don’t know the real physical limitations of space, is the formula for the success of this great film.

Three Announcements for a Crime

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How far does the pain of a loss go? Nominated in six categories to Golden Globe 2018, voted Best Film at the Toronto Film Festival by the public, Three Announcements for a Crime explores tragedy in an intense way, with an engaging narrative, fantastic soundtrack, beautiful direction, and memorable performances by three fantastic actors: Frances McDormand, Woody Harrelson e Sam Rockwell. The film is a journey of pain and suffering with three perspectives and feelings about a brutal, unsolved murder that takes place in a rural town in the southern United States.


Life is just a nomadic shadow for those in need of some gesture of recognition. Estimated at 22 Million Dollars, the innovative project of the Mexican filmmaker Alejandro González Iñárritu is a critique of a society that needs the applause and wants someday to go viral with technology. In Birdman, we are introduced to an actor, brilliantly played by Michael Keaton, who confuses love with admiration and who finds himself in an unreliable semi-reality. Behind the scenes of a Broadway play, the film gains pace, based on an intelligent and dynamic script.


Adversity is a stepping stone to maturity. Directed by New York filmmaker James Mangold (Johnny & June, which is also available at STAR+), one of the most anticipated films of the year of its release shows how an outcome of an iconic character, before the comics and now the big screen, can be very striking. Logan is the final chapter in the surprising saga of Wolverinand – amazing to be a curmudgeon mutant from the X-Men – and his eternal quest for redemption. Hugh Jackman, facing the same character for the seventh time in theaters, does everything to make his mark, using and abusing his versatile skill as an actor. Great acting.

Whiplash – In Search of Perfection

The price of perfection is constant practice. Written and directed by the filmmaker, who was only 29 at the time, Damien Chazelle, Whiplash – In Search of Perfection it’s the kind of movie that will bring the viewer into a big smile as the credits start to climb. Electrifying, thrilling, magnificent, spectacular. It’s impossible for you to finish the film and not be shivering with such force that this story has, and to complete this quest for perfection, the film has the great interpretation of the veteran actor J.K. Simmons!

an unexpected love

Happiness does not always reign in paradise. Debuting as a feature film director, the Argentine producer and filmmaker Juan Vera brings to the big screen a story focused on deconstructing a long-term relationship and all the consequences arising from that choice. Shown at the Rio Film Festival years ago, an unexpected love has a pair of protagonists played by the excellent actress Mercedes moran and the heartthrob and genius Argentine actor Ricardo Darin. The film becomes a great experience when we can see and think about the depths of the long dialogues that we check out over the more than two hours of the film.


When arrivals and departures are side by side, assess deeply but remain courageous. The brilliant work of the experienced filmmaker Richard Linklater, is one of the films that took the longest to be ready in cinema history, exactly 12 years! But the whole wait was worth it! Recounting the trajectory of a boy, from childhood to adolescence, Linklater presents moviegoers with a story rich in truths and profound questions about an entire society that varied its way of thinking over the course of a decade. An unforgettable, absolutely brilliant work!

A matter of time

a movie poster O Fabuloso Destino by Amélie Poulain stuck on the wall of a bedroom was already the first indicator that we would meet a dreamer, romantic and who does everything to be happy. In A matter of time, the New Zealand director and screenwriter Richard Curtis (A place called Notting Hill) takes us to know Tim and his incredible journey looking for a future with a great love. A young and popular soundtrack packs this great work, which is the kind of film that everyone in the movie theater makes a positive imaginary current so that the outcome is happy.

Kingsman: Secret Service

Jack Bauer? James Bond? Jason Bourne? after the great movies Kick-Ass (also available from STAR+) and X-Men: First Class, the british filmmaker Matthew Vaughn returned to the big screen years ago with a film full of great and competent stars who gather to once again prove that there are quality blockbusters. The lie rolls loose as in the most impossible movies ever produced: men being cut in half, egocentric villains, huge explosions but all done with a great charm that quickly conquers the public.

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