Westworld season 4: a new futuristic image of the shooting unveiled

It has been a few months since production started filming season 4 of Westworld. The opportunity for the luckiest fans present in New York (the place where the shots are currently taking place) to see some extracts from future episodes. This was particularly the case for user Mickmicknyc on TikTok who did not hesitate to share a few seconds of the shoot on the platform. A mysterious although enticing video, which notably teases the probable return of Dolores in the intrigue. And that’s not all ! Following Westworld has been revealed again on an unprecedented snapshot.

The Atlanta_Filming Instagram account shared a photo taken on the set of Season 4 of Westworld. A futuristic image which therefore proves that the rest of the plot will continue to take us even further into science fiction. Indeed, on the picture we can see one of the automatic and autonomous cars seen previously in season 3 resurface. A detail which may seem trivial but which allows to obtain more information on the content of the plot, kept secret for the time being. We keep our fingers crossed for more! In the meantime, find out what new world could appear in season 4 of Westworld.

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