‘Westworld’: Luke Hemsworth Reveals His Reaction to Series CANCELLATION

Earlier this month, the HBO officially canceled the series’Westworld‘ after four seasons, and fans were shocked to learn of the decision.

The news also came as a surprise to the show’s cast, who reportedly still get paid for what was poised to be the show’s fifth and likely final season.

In an interview for the Entertainment Tonightthe interpreter of Ashley Stubbs, Luke Hemsworthcommented on the cancellation, which happened precisely on his birthday.

“I was like, ‘What the fuck#! What the hell! When you love what you do, you hope these things last forever, but everyone has their own reasons. I’m grateful for the character I’ve lived and that journey has been a huge part of my life, but this cancellation was disappointing.”

He continued:

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“From the beginning, I think the idea was to come full circle and come back around loops, about humans and robots trapped in this trajectory. Unfortunately, we are isolated, but it is the nature of the world. You can’t be depressed about it. You move on and open new doors.”

Reports released by THR revealed that the cancellation was motivated by the low rating of the series, which had been falling every season.

Previously, co-creator Lisa Joy had also expressed his desire to end the narrative of the series in the fifth season: “We have an outcome in mind that we want to achieve. [na quinta temporada]🇧🇷 We haven’t seen the end of the story yet.”

So, did you also feel disappointed with the cancellation?

Created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa joythe series is based on the eponymous film released in 1973.

Westworld is a futuristic theme park for adults dedicated to the entertainment of the rich. A space that reproduces the Wild West, populated by androids – the hosts –, to believe that they are human and live in the real world. There, customers can do whatever they want, without obeying rules or laws. However, when an upgrade to the machines’ system goes awry, their behaviors begin to hint at a new threat, as artificial consciousness gives rise to the “evolution of sin”.

The cast has Evan Rachel Wood🇧🇷 Thandie Newton🇧🇷 Jeffrey Wright🇧🇷 Tessa Thompson🇧🇷 Aaron Paul🇧🇷 Angela Sarafyan🇧🇷 Luke Hemsworth🇧🇷 Aurora Perrineau🇧🇷 Ariana DeBose🇧🇷 James Marsden and Ed Harris🇧🇷

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