Westworld: a mysterious first trailer and a date for season 4

HBO has finally unveiled a trailer for season 4 of “Westworld”. Beautiful first images accompanied by the date of broadcast. The series will return from June 26 on our screens.

Westworldthe beautiful SF series from HBO

Since he started, Westworld tended to divide. While some quickly adhered to this science fiction series, others found it too complicated for not much. Admittedly, the first season tended to confuse the issue by playing on different temporalities. But for those who managed to overcome this difficulty, the show created by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy reveals an exciting universe and characters.

The third season of Westworld experienced a first upheaval since after having spent the first two in a western-style amusement park, we finally had the right to a real dive into the real world. A futuristic and cold world that Dolores, an android who has become aware of her condition, has managed to reach.

A date for season 4

At the end of the last episodes, Dolores provoked real chaos in the human world. However, this is clearly not what emerges from the first trailer of season 4 which has finally been unveiled (in one article). Under bottom of Perfect Day by Lou Reed, we find the well-known faces of the series, even those we thought had disappeared. First Caleb (Aaron Paul) posed at the top of a building. A wind of nostalgia is immediately felt. Then we find Ashley (Luke Hemsworth) who sees the man in black (Ed Harris) appear in the middle of a crowd. Finally, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) appears full of serenity. Impossible to know for the moment what will be real or not. Westworld has often played on this and it will a priori still be the case in season 4.

Westworld ©HBO

Finally, we can also see Maeve (Thandie Newton), Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) in what should be a virtual world, without forgetting Clémentine (Angela Sarafyan) in a scene which is about to take place. rather bloody. If we don’t learn much about the plot with this trailer, we can in any case appreciate the beauty of these pictures. Good omens for Westworld fans.

HBO gives us an appointment June 26 to discover this season 4 of Westworld. In France, OCS will broadcast it in US+24.

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