Westerners want to build silos to help Ukraine export grain

Mr Biden blamed his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, whose army invaded Ukraine in late February, for high food prices in the US and warned that this plan to install new infrastructure “takes time” .

“I am working closely with our European partners to bring 20 million tonnes of grain blocked in Ukraine to market to help bring down food prices,” the Democrat said in a speech in Philadelphia.

“What Putin’s war did was not only try to wipe out the culture of Ukrainians, decimate people, commit countless war crimes, but he also stopped grain (from coming out), thousands of tons of grain, which are blocked,” Biden said.

The US president added that alternative land exports were complicated by the fact that Ukrainian railways use a different gauge than the networks of neighboring countries.

To help relieve the bottleneck, “we are going to build silos, temporary silos, at the borders of Ukraine, including in Poland, so that we can transfer (the grain) from these wagons to these silos, to wagons in Europe, and get them out to the ocean and across the world,” he said.

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