Western New York State covered in six feet of snow just before Thanksgiving

© Getty Images via AFP

The snow continues to fall from the sky in western New York state and causes problems. Due to the snow carpet, many roads are closed and flights have to be cancelled. And that just before Thanksgiving weekend.

A historic blizzard, American media call it. The most striking result: a snow carpet of no less than 1.8 meters in western New York state. It killed two people last weekend.

The consequences are very great. Several roads have been closed for safety, as a result of which several driving bans have already been issued, and dozens of flights have already been canceled at nearby airports. “Our people are working around the clock to control the situation,” New York governor Kate Hochul said. “We have gathered a lot of resources, people and conveniences across the state to avoid drama.”

A state of emergency was declared last weekend. The Americans are in the meantime with their hands in their hair, because next weekend they will celebrate Thanksgiving with their families. But due to the meteorological situation, it is not inconceivable that many people will have difficulty moving around within their country. Fortunately, less snow is expected in the coming days.

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